Jumbo Flap

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  1. Hi guys!

    Ok...so my next bag will be the Jumbo Flap in Black Caviar.
    That being said I need you guys to share your experiences if you have this bag. Any pictures...colors it comes in. Dimensions....any information at all will be helpful. I do not have a Chanel boutique next to me so I cant go often and check it all out Also the SAs at the one I travel to are NASTY. Is the jumbo limited or do they always make that size. It is a big bag but I am 5'10" so I know I can carry it off. I just dont want to spend that much on a bag I cannot carry alot. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated!!!

  2. Mine is the lambskin not the cavier and I bought it from ebay for $650. and it is virtually brand new and I love it. The jumbo size is great, you can carry a lot and it looks fantastic.
  3. [​IMG]
    Just found this picture online at Fashion Forum.

    I want it even more now!!!

  4. It is a fabulous bag. I wanted to get it in tan (caviar leather) and the SA at NM talked me out of it. He said it looked too big on me. I'm only 5'1". I told him I wanted to use it as a day bag and I needed more room than the medium. He made me feel funny about getting it. Now that I see this pic ^^^ I wish I didn't listen to him. So what if it looks big, right?
  5. Well with my height I am sure it would be proportionate on me. Isnt funny that when we see it actually on someone it really helps alot!

    What did you end up getting at Chanel??

  6. Selena, it will look fabulous on you! I really wanted a day bag. I have a medium classic flap for evening. I also have a Chanel tote. I ended up getting a Balenciaga Twiggy in rouge instead. I went to a Chanel store yesterday in Manhattan on Spring Street and saw a beautiful tan shoulder bag in the caviar leather. It came in several colors. I liked the pink one but really loved the tan one. It did not have a flap. It had a zipper going across the top. It would make a great day bag that you could use into the night. However, I don't like goldtone hardware. That particular bag is not available with silvertone hardware. At least that's what that particular SA told me. Sometimes I get different answers at different stores. I didn't catch the name of the bag. I am on the lookout for that bag with silvertone hardware.;)

  7. Ohhh I think I saw that one! Hot Hot Hot!!!
    Post when you find it! Good luck!
    Its going to be a looooonnnnggggg summer for me...as I wont be buying it probably until August! :sad:
    Oh well. All good things in time!
  8. Here's a picture of Kelis from British Vogue- sorry I tried 5 times to attach and my computer isn't letting me:oh:


    Selena, I am five eleven- so the jumbo is definitely the size I like the best and think looks better than a smaller bag. Although I'm sure a size smaller than the jumbo would be good also.
  9. Ohhhh thanks for posting that picture. I love it more and more! AHHHHHHH

  10. i like the classic caviar leather with double flaps....:love:
  11. I love the flap bags :biggrin: Definitely sounds like you can pull it off.
  12. all of these wonderful pictures is making want one evn more.
  13. How much is this style?
  14. how much would the jumbo cost in paris?
  15. i have the medium caviar black.... but i want one everyday... this is so hard! cuz i want the reissue in grey too!!! gah!