jumbo flap w/ new chain

  1. do the boutiques or stores still have them?

    i'm looking for a gray lambskin but the ivory(white?) caviar would be fine too.

    oh and there's one problem.. right now i'm not in the US. I'll be in the US on August 13th and there are absolutely no boutiques or NMs near where i'm staying. I heard there would be another price increase:cursing: so I think i'd have to order from a boutique/store. can I just email them and order? and can i pay them by sending money to a bank account or something? (i can't use my credit card)

    please help!! TIA!
  2. I think it's best you fly to the nearest store/boutique if you want to buy Chanel. Bring cash with you.

    There are couple problems. Bank transfer takes time. I am not sure the store agrees to ship to address different than address you registered with your bank. What if shipping is delayed and the bag arrives after you leave US? What if you get wrong bag or defected bag? Besides, gray lambskin and ivory caviar are hard to find. I haven't seen these colors for quite a long time in 3 stores where I live.
  3. there's one left at a Neiman Marcus close to me....pm me for the number...i don't want to disclose where i live!
  4. ^thanks ladies! irinaderevko i'll pm you when i get to the us! thanks a lot!
  5. I love your screename...are you an ALIAS fan???
  6. ^ Haha, I asked her the exact same thing before... I LOVED Alias (and Michael Vartan haha, yummy)! :p
  7. Ooooh, me too! Big Michael Vartan fan here! :heart:

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  8. Yay. Chanel & Alias :heart:'s unite!!!