Jumbo Flap- please help, so upset

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  1. So, I bought a Classic Black Jumbo Flap from Selfridges last Saturday (27th) and I've used it maybe like three times since then. Yesterday I noticed that the curved panel of the bag, at the bottom of the flap where the CC turnlock is, is starting to come away from its adhesive, so the two parts of the curve aren't stuck together. What can I do? I have only had the bag 6 days and it was 1920GBP. Will Chanel repair it for me? I bought one of the last two Jumbo's around in all the London stores that day. So, so upset.
  2. So take it back to the store. They should give you a replacement. If not you can have it repaired for free. Can you post a pic?
  3. [​IMG]
  4. Yep, I see what you mean, it's definitely separated. Take that baby back to the store and have them help you out.
  5. Are in the UK now?

    I feel terrible for you.

    They have to take it back under UK 'Trading Standards'.

    I don't think you have to worry after such few wears Chanel will be embarrassed.

    I certainly don't think they'll argue.

    Ask for a replacement.

    If they fob you off and say they'll send it for repair (could take a long time) tell them you want a refund because "it was not fit for purpose" (that's a UK legal definition)

    the definition means that when anybody sells you a bag you have to use it as a bag (ie able to carry stuff around) for a reasonable length of time before it becomes unusable as a bag.

    You've had the bag a week change it as soon as poss (if you still have the faith) or buy another bag from a different place.

    It should be 100% your choice.

    Expected quality issues from Chanel aside no bag should becoming unstuck in a week.

    But please do it ASAP.

    The longer you leave it the less shocking your case looks and they'll think they can fob you off with a repair.

    Unless you want it repaired of course.

    Good luck
  6. Really sorry that this has happened to your bag. But no worries! In my dealings with them Selfridges has great customer service and they will surely not hesitate to either get this bag fixed to your absolute satisfaction or get you a replacement. Let us know what they say.
  7. What are you waiting for?? take it back ASAP! that's an expensive bag, that's really unacceptable and definitely not up to Chanel standards! I would be really upset too! I am sure you will get sorted!
  8. I'm so sorry to hear this! I couldn't believe what I saw, I feel so terrible for you. But I totally agree with the others, take it back ASAP, they have to fix it for you or get you a replacement. Because this is really unacceptable.
    Please let us know how this story ends.

    Good luck :flowers:
  9. Wow..that's looks terrible:wtf:, can you go back to the store and get a new one?!
  10. I'm sorry to hear (and see) about your Chanel quality issue. I've had some issues of my own with quality when my bags were brand new so I can totally relate! You don't expect to have any quality issues at that price, much less issues as soon as you start to use it.

    You won't have any problem returning it. I think the SA's see this kind of stuff more than they would tellus.

    Good luck!!!
  11. oh no! i hope they fix it for you. let us know how you go.. goodluck!
  12. Oh my....I think my heart just skipped a beat looking at your pics! I feel sick. I'm so sorry this happened to you. You can't even call this poor workmanship......the quality here simply does not even exist. Settle for nothing less than a replacement or refund.
  13. Def take it back and get a refund or another bag. Don't settle for a repair. It would take too long and it shouldn't have to be repaired for a brand new bag!
  14. :shocked: Wow, definitely not looking good. Take it back to the boutique asap and demand a replacement or a refund.

    Good luck and please keep us posted.
  15. I'm sorry to hear this has happened- they should definitely give u a new bag! I haven't had the best experience with Selfridges unfortunately but i hope they lift their game and give u a new one! good luck!