Jumbo Flap Owners Come in !!!!

  1. Dear all,

    I was browsing on eBay and came across this Jumbo Flap's style no.: (Auction # 150097059337)

    Here is the pic of the eBay's Jumbo (Auction # 150097059337):

    Since the picture is different from my box, so i took out my chanel box and saw that the style no. is totally different, mine is A28600Y01864.

    And here is my jumbo which obviously looks alittle different !(Pls pardon this pic, i lent my camera to my friend this week, so no new pix could be taken):


    but anyway, you can see that the Flap of the eBay one is shorter than mine (i bought mine right before the price increase, authenticity # begins with 1120) So I m just curious how all YOU LADIES' JUMBOs Look like, and which style no. you got ???:yahoo:

    Thank you!!

  2. my style a28600 y01588 white colour...sorry can't post pics..
  3. You know what someone posted a bag just like the first one a little while back...i forgot what thread.......but it does look different!
  4. I am attaching a pic here to show you how my bag looks like which is JUST like the one on ebay but I don't have the box handy, so that would have to wait till tomorrow but I bought mine about 4 years ago. So I hope that helps.

  5. If you are talking about the shorter versus longer flap...I have 5 jumbos that I have gotten over the last 5 years and my pink one has a longer flap than the others. I'm not sure why but it came direct from a boutique.
  6. I think they have changed the style slightly over the years, even the size slightly.
  7. i asked michele about that and she mentioned the bag on ebay is older model thus the different shape :smile: thanks michele
  8. Jumbos have changed over the years. This is one that is 15 plus years old and the hardware is different and its also 13 inches across, while current ones are 12 inches. I no longer own this bag but wanted to post the picture so you could see the difference:
  9. BlkLadyLaw, it would be great if you could post your Jumbos to see the difference :smile: and of course this would be a good excuse to see more Jumbos !:yahoo:
  10. I guess what I meant now that I look the pink and black flaps are shorter than my purple, white and navy blue

    The black is the oldest...card begins with 6 so it is from 2001-2002? The others have been purchased between 2004 and now.
    7d_1.jpg 69_12.jpg Chanelbags.jpg dscn2607.jpg
  11. WOW Your Jumbo collection is fantastic!!!!!
  12. mine is like yours pink...

    blkladylaw - i love your classic flaps :heart:
  13. blkladylaw, Thank you so much ! :yes: I LOVE ALL YOUR JUMBOS !!! Especially the Pink, Purple and WHITE !!!!! OMG, it's the dreamy combination :yahoo:

    Anyway, it's just interesting how the jumbo "flaps" change overtime:p