Jumbo Flap or bowler????

  1. I am currently saving for my first Chanel handbag? I'm torn between the Jumbo flap or the Cambon bowler. Unfortunatley, I live in a Chanel desert :sad: and can't try one on IRL. I'm 5'9 ad work a typical corporate job. Which do you think is the most practical. i don't carry a lot of things in my bags, but some days are worse than others. Thanks for your help.
  2. between the two, i'd go w/jumbo flap b/c bowler is not an ideal work bag imo, may i suggest GST instead?
  3. Jumbo Flap as well! :heart:
  4. I would start with the Jumbo Flap. I am 5' 10" and it's just perfect for me. You can adjust the chains as well.

    I can't attest to the bowler because I don't have one.

    Someone mentioned the GST and I have to agree that's another great bag.

    Good luck.

    PS I also live in a Chanel desert. I'm 4 hrs away from the closest one.
  5. I agree with Classic Chic, GST is definately a good working bag ! I think Jumbo will look very good and professional too.
  6. Definitely the jumbo classic flap!
  7. Jumbo classic here too!
  8. Jumbo flap, LOVE this bag!
  9. i agree with everyone else, jumbo flap!!
  10. Jumbo flap hands down!
  11. Definitely the Jumbo flap. Although you can't overstuff it or it will look messy and bulgy. I had the Jumbo at one point and own the Cambon bowler and the Jumbo held a bit more. But, know that neither are really super roomy so if you need room for papers, a hard sunglasses case, etc., I'd go for the Grand Shopping tote. The flap and bowler are good for a wallet, small makeup case, checkbook, comb or brush and keys.
  12. definitely a jumbo flap im getting that for next chanel purchase :smile:
  13. another vote for the Jumbo !
  14. Jumbo Flap.
  15. Kathryn, I feel your pain--I live in a Chanel desert too! (What an appropriate way to describe it!!!)

    I vote for the classic flap--you be able to use it for years!