jumbo flap or Bbag twiggy?

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  1. ok help please....

    I already have a lilac 2006 Balenciaga twiggy (that has been paid off a long time ago) and was thinking of selling it b/c i never use it and i'm thinking of getting the chanel jumbo violet caviar flap.

    do I need both?

    i do not have lots of money to spend so if i get the chanel i need to sell the Bbag


    should I just keep the bbag and not get the chanel?

    i'm posting this in both forums b/c just don't know what to do???:shrugs:

    I really do not like the twiggy when i carry it on my shoulder but i do like how it looks on the crook of my arm and then I really dont like the jumbo flap on my shoulder but I like how it looks when the chains are shorter and i carry it on the crook of my arm. also the jumbo flap is so classic which i love about it but then again i'm so much more a casual girl so i'm not sure if the jumbo flap will be something i can use all the time.

    oh what should I do???

    thanks ladies!!!!:love: :flowers:
  2. i prefer the chanel over the twiggy. :smile:
  3. abit bias, u have come into the Chanel forum......i definitely go for jumbo classic.:yes:
  4. Chanel, hands down. IMO the twiggy will not stay stylish as long as the classic flap bag.
  5. classic flap- hands down
  6. I love both Chanel and Balenciaga, but they are very different looks. If I had to choose one, I will pick the Flap over the Twiggy.
  7. I love both colours and I am bias towards Chanel...but it depends what suits your style and outfits more. I do think the jumbo can look great with casual clothes but its still a sophisticated bag that I dont think you can chuck anything in it like you can with the twiggy.
  8. as i'm not a big fan of twiggy style, i would said chanel :P
  9. Chanel all the way!
  10. I think that it might be a nice contrast to wear a jumbo flap with a more casual outfit. The thing that is nice about Chanel is that you can dress it up or down. I don't think Balenciaga has that same quality. I vote for the flap, btw. Balenciaga is great, but in the long run you might get more mileage out of the Chanel.
  11. Chanel chanel chanel WITHOUT second guessing. I am getting a Jumbo Flap Caviar myself. I was actually in that dilemma (ashame of myself that I had to think twice). I wanted the blueberry motorcycle medium Balenciaga bag but then realized that CHanel's are classics and either way you could dress up/dress down with the bag and still remain classy.

    I am just waiting to get to NM-SF to look at my soon to be new baby. (JUMBO Classic flap in the ALL BLACK Caviar w/gold hardware)
  12. CHANEL!!!!!! haha..

    CHANEL is TIMELESS. cant go wrong with CHANEL!

    (ps- i have a balenciaga motorcycle bag, work size, as well..and i dont carry it as often as i carry Chanel!)
  13. i dont like the twiggy.... i vote for chanel....
  14. I don't have a twiggy but I have a white B-bag Box. I have to say that I prefer my Chanel jumbo flap. The Bbag is a cool, funky, casual bag but Chanel is classy and timeless. You will wear the flap for years to come.
  15. Definitely Chanel. Good luck.
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