Jumbo Flap in white gift box?

Jun 4, 2009
Just got a Chanel Caviar Jumbo Flap from the Chanel store in the US and it came in a white gift box rather than a black gift box with a description of the bag. The box has a white top with black chanel words and a black base. This box seems sturdy than the normal black gift box but I've never seen it. Is this normal? I've never seen a white gift box and am wondering if I should go back and get the black box.


Nov 28, 2008
o my goodness! this is the greatest box--like the ones our custom bags came in... this cannot be the norm now can it?? i'd almost buy some for bag storage! consider yourself lucky :smile: i know they also have white boxes at mother ship in paris, no?? but i don't even k now if they are sturdy like this??!!?? maybe that's what price increase goes to (tho I doubt it)
Jun 4, 2009
My camera is on the fritz otherwise I'd take a picture.

MrsM-6-7-08 - You're right the base is white but the bottom of that is black. I'm happy to see someone else got the same box.


Apr 15, 2008
Hahaha! It's like the "golden ticket!"
LMAO! Maybe Chanel has randomly hidden white boxes all over the world... Find a white box and you'll be able to pick any bag you want from any boutique. OMG! /imaginationrunningaway


Sep 21, 2008
My Jumbo flap from London city store (bought in Jan 10) came in a white box as well. (didn't do a reveal on that) Actually, the SA took it out of a black box with side opening and ribbon the white box. So I presume the black side open box is a protective box for the gift box. Anyway.... was very pleased since it means the bag is really "fresh stock" (ha..ha..ha...)and the white box is harder and better quality not to mention looks more classy than the usual black one.:biggrin:


Nov 26, 2008
Yes I know which one you are talking about, I have that special thick white box with black base from HK once and a fren got hers from Macau. The SA mentioned to her its a special box to celebrate certain anniversary in the main store in Paris. We got that a couple of years ago, its the same one with the customised bags released lately. Not sure whether they have started using the white box now for all Chanel purchases.

MrsM-6-7-08 - The white box has lid that comes off on top, not sides openings, it's base has black wider bottom. Its sturdy and heavier than the usual black box.