Jumbo Flap in Dark Gray Lambskin or Maxi Caviar Navy with Gold Hardware. HELP!!!!

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  1. #1 Jan 29, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2010
    I am in a bit of a predicament.

    I was on a lookout for a new flap and I was able to convince my younger sis to join me! Its her first flap! :yahoo:

    I was able to find her a Jumbo Classic Flap, Dark Gray Lambskin.

    I was still on a hunt for my red jumbo caviar... then she asked me if she can get my Jumbo Navy Caviar with SHW because she wants it more than the dark gray lambskin... I said yes because its going to be her first flap and I want her to love it!

    Now I am stuck with the Dark Gray Jumbo Lambskin!!! I love it but I am so scared of lambskin! :sad:

    And now I dont have a navy flap! I have an option to exchange the jumbo navy with a Maxi Navy Caviar in Gold Hardware! But I have to do it fast!

    *My sis cant have the maxi because she's petite but I am not sure about the GHW on navy... but its caviar!

    So help.... maxi caviar with ghw or jumbo lambskin???
  2. What a nice sister you are!!!
    I would say go for the Maxi Navy Caviar in Gold Hardware. I love the dark grey lambskin too but scare of the lambskin too much!
    Maxi Navy Caviar in Gold Hardware is a tdf combo!!! :biggrin:
  3. how often would u use the bag? and what would u put it in? show pics of the navy with gwh
  4. Dark grey lambskin. :love:
  5. I have some Navy caviar bags with GH...it is the absolute best combination!!!!!!!!!!.
  6. ill try to post comparison pics :smile:
  7. both are very nice but personally, I'll get navy with gold hw first.
  8. OP, I really love the navy with GHW combo although preferable in a Jumbo size. What a difficult decision!! I would say navy with gold, just because the quality of Chanel lambskin has significantly declined over the past few years. A jumbo in lambskin will inevitably look floppy and pouch out on the sides(wings as they are called)..I hardly wear my green lambskin jumbo for this reason..and now I only purchase vintage lambskin...Caviar retains its structure much better than the current lambskin!
  9. Thanks for all the advice :smile: Caviar seems to be the better choice :smile:

    If ever, this will be my first maxi :smile:
  10. Oh, the blue with ghw is DIVINE!! I LOVE that combo!!
  11. i'm not a blue fan, but i luv the 09A Navy GHW!
  12. Both are beautiful. I would not be afraid of the lambskin. I have the dark grey lambskin and it holds up beautifully. I do not baby my bags...I have had the dark grey lambskin for 1 year and it still looks like new. Just go with what speaks to you!! :smile:
  13. I have both of these bags - the jumbo metallic grey lambskin and the jumbo 09A Navy with gold hardware. While I absolutely love the 09A Navy with gold, the metallic grey lambskin in insane in terms of beauty! Truly a stunning bag.

    However, if worryfree is your thing, go for the Navy with gold as the caviar does tend to be less maintenance and worry. Good Luck with your decision!
  14. Love dark navy with ghw...I have a small flap in lambskin in that combo and it's gorgeous.
  15. jumbo gray