Jumbo Flap in Dark Gray Lambskin or Maxi Caviar Navy with Gold Hardware. HELP!!!!


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Sep 21, 2007
I am in a bit of a predicament.

I was on a lookout for a new flap and I was able to convince my younger sis to join me! Its her first flap! :yahoo:

I was able to find her a Jumbo Classic Flap, Dark Gray Lambskin.

I was still on a hunt for my red jumbo caviar... then she asked me if she can get my Jumbo Navy Caviar with SHW because she wants it more than the dark gray lambskin... I said yes because its going to be her first flap and I want her to love it!

Now I am stuck with the Dark Gray Jumbo Lambskin!!! I love it but I am so scared of lambskin! :sad:

And now I dont have a navy flap! I have an option to exchange the jumbo navy with a Maxi Navy Caviar in Gold Hardware! But I have to do it fast!

*My sis cant have the maxi because she's petite but I am not sure about the GHW on navy... but its caviar!

So help.... maxi caviar with ghw or jumbo lambskin???
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Apr 16, 2008
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What a nice sister you are!!!
I would say go for the Maxi Navy Caviar in Gold Hardware. I love the dark grey lambskin too but scare of the lambskin too much!
Maxi Navy Caviar in Gold Hardware is a tdf combo!!! :biggrin:


Jan 20, 2010
how often would u use the bag? and what would u put it in? show pics of the navy with gwh


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Aug 5, 2009
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OP, I really love the navy with GHW combo although preferable in a Jumbo size. What a difficult decision!! I would say navy with gold, just because the quality of Chanel lambskin has significantly declined over the past few years. A jumbo in lambskin will inevitably look floppy and pouch out on the sides(wings as they are called)..I hardly wear my green lambskin jumbo for this reason..and now I only purchase vintage lambskin...Caviar retains its structure much better than the current lambskin!


Dec 22, 2007
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Both are beautiful. I would not be afraid of the lambskin. I have the dark grey lambskin and it holds up beautifully. I do not baby my bags...I have had the dark grey lambskin for 1 year and it still looks like new. Just go with what speaks to you!! :smile:


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Jan 3, 2008
I have both of these bags - the jumbo metallic grey lambskin and the jumbo 09A Navy with gold hardware. While I absolutely love the 09A Navy with gold, the metallic grey lambskin in insane in terms of beauty! Truly a stunning bag.

However, if worryfree is your thing, go for the Navy with gold as the caviar does tend to be less maintenance and worry. Good Luck with your decision!