Jumbo flap for "evening"?

  1. Well not a black tie or anything like that, but I know some people say that some bags are too big to carry for evening. I was just wondering if this is a rule you follow or not. When Im going out for a nice (enough) dinner with the girls, I don't want to have to change bags if Im coming from work. I carry larger bags a lot and I am also tall. Follow the rule or leave it?
  2. I think for going out to dinner it would be OK. I think it's too big for anything more formal though.
  3. If you're tall, wearing "day" clothes, and coming straight from work, you could definitely carry it off. With a cocktail dress and anything more formal, I'd say no way.
    If you always carry large bags, you probably wouldn't be happy with the med/large because it's not large at all!
  4. I basically mean with just day clothes or at the most, maybe a dressier top. Definitely not a cocktail dress or anything like that.
  5. I think it depends. I am tall and I wear my jumbo for dressy times. I wore mine recently for a anniversary dinner, I wore a black cashmere turtleneck and a pencil skirt with boots...and I carried my jumbo. I think you totally can rock it!
  6. I would say the Jumbo is fine for evening as long as it's not a formal event. That said, a tall person could likely pull it off even for a relatively formal event. There aren't that many strict rules anymore.
  7. with an evening gown or long dress nah...i was thinking of getting a smaller classic flap for when i go to concerts or out to eat b/c the jumbo is too big...but i do looove big bags!
  8. We had a previous thread on this before. I think the jumbo is fine for evening except with a long evening gown.
  9. I think as long as u are tall... that size (jumbo) shld be OK

    but not with gowns (as mentioned above)...anything to knee length shld look nice....anything with body-hugging dresses shld look gorgeous

    But..anything rocks with jean..with casual/formal top
  10. I'm glad to hear that the rules aren't too strict anymore! I was contemplating on whether it would be strange to wear my Jumbo flap to a wedding reception. I was going to wear a black knee-length dress.

    I think that the Jumbo flap is gorgeous for going out to dinner, etc, if it's not too formal. It would be so chic with jeans and a nice top.
  11. I think a jumbo is perfect for most occasions, granted it looks better with certain outfits over others, but all in all its a classic bag that can be dressed up or down, and with the right accsessories can looks fabulous for any event!
  12. ITA:yes:! I couldn't pull off the Jumbo w/short dress, but my granny (83 and going strong!) rocks her Jumbo all the time, even w/traditional Chinese dress and a simple shawl this Chinese New Year:yes:. Everyone at the party was :nuts: :drool: at her:graucho: . mind you, she is not tall and not slim either ^_<
  13. I just found a new role model in your granny:nuts:
  14. I don't think there's a "rule" or size limit on evening bags. Agree with Selena, it's all in the attitude!! :supacool: