Jumbo Flap For $2,250 Worth It Or No????

  1. Hey ladies, I'm having a dilemma. I'm planning to get the white Jumbo Flap but the price has increased from $1,650 to $2,250. Is it worth it to get it or no????
  2. Umm. Its been a long time since it was $1650. And its about to go up again.

    If you love it get it now before it goes up even more. :tup:
  3. The jumbo flap is such a classic bag. If you like flap bags, it's worth it. They will only further increase in price, so if you want one, get it.

    What color R U thinking of getting?
  4. Iluvbags, do you know how long since it's gone up?
  5. DD101, a white one, what do ya think?
  6. They are going up to about 2700:crybaby:. I want my white flap too, I just keep buying other bags, whats wrong with me. Get the bag now at 2250, trust me
  7. If you really want it, buy it now. My SA said the price on those classic flap will increase on Nov. 1st...we are talking about 20% increase.:push:
  8. It is the most definitely worth every penny. Run for it before the new increase takes place.
  9. Yes, purchase the Jumbo--it's been at that price for quite some time. There's a Saks EGC event in October, just in time before the next price increase, so I think it's best to purchase it then!
  10. :push: I'm so on a purse ban and want this bag desperatly! So I would say, get it while you can!
  11. Definitely buy it now if you can before the next price rise!
  12. If you really want it, get it before the next increase.
  13. I love a white flap :tup:. As long as you can easily carry a white bag, go for it. Otherwise I'd say get the black :yes:.
  14. If you like the style, go for it. That price is considered cheap in a few months.
  15. The flap is a classic so I say go for it, especially since the price is going to keep increasing! :yes: