Jumbo flap!!! but G/H or S/H..

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  1. I just got my very first Chanel bag today which is caviar jumbo flap in black with G/H....BUT....after I got home, I keep thinking if I should exchange it to S/H!! Ahhhhhh ....:cursing:

    what do you guys think?? plz give me some advise:yes:
  2. imo - black jumbo with silver hardware
    - black med with gold hardware

    would be the ideal combo
  3. Same dilemma but the opposite. I got my Jumbo SH I saved for years and then was in love with the GH. I returned the SH without thinking twice. Now, I contacted them that I will still get the SH I got and won't push through the GH. I love the SH in Caviar.
  4. ITA 100%! that's my ideal size and hardware combination too.
  5. Get the one you're most drawn too. I love GH but that's just my preference.
    You can do a search. There are lots of other threads that will give you the Pros/Cons/Opinions of others.
  6. SH gets my vote!!
  7. GH... classier...
  8. I prefer SH!!!!
  9. Personally I like the SH better but then you can't go wrong with either!
  10. SH is dressed down and the GH is pretty dressy and very classy...
    for the jumbo size, i like SH and for the medium or the mini, i like GH!
  11. I prefer the Silver hw
  12. Jumbo ---> SH, Medium ---> GH
  13. I have a black jumbo XL in gold hw and a medium beige caviar also in gold hw. I think I prefer the gold to the silver. I find the gold to be so elegant and dressy.
  14. I think you should have both....one with G/h and one with s/h. G/h is great for formal attire while s/h is more casual.
  15. I have both, since I was not able to make a decision.