Jumbo double-flaps - more structured? Who's actually excited?

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  1. So in the other thread the majority of people seemed to be against the inclusion of a double flap to the Jumbos. I'm just wondering if anyone is actually looking forward to it? I don't really like the idea of the extra weight that will undoubtedly come with this design, but at the same time I always see pictures of people's Jumbos that lose their shape and "wing" out over time. I think the double flaps might actually help solve this problem and could actually be helpful in maintaining the bag's overall shape.

    I had originally planned to purchase my first Jumbo at the end of this year, but now I'm undecided. On one hand, I'm not looking forward to the price rise and the additional weight. On the other, I really dislike the squashed-frog look older Jumbos sometimes get. All my other flaps are M/L so I don't have much experience with this size so for all Jumbo-owners, are the "winged" look unavoidable over time? Or provided you keep the bag stuffed properly when not in use, can you still maintain its shape? Or should I just wait and get the new Jumbo with the double flap?
  2. i am not against the double flap but also not excited over it. i guess what the double flap can improve is the exterior flap sturdiness after some use, dont think it will actually prevent the wing out over time........the wing out could only resolve by 1 way, that is using a more firm / sturdy caviar (if its a caviar). but again, if i fine the jumbo a littleeee....... heavy, i dont think a double flap will do any good to me.

    just my 2-cents
  3. I was never opposed to the idea of a double flap for the jumbo and maxi since I own a reissue 227, which has the double flap, and is like my everyday bag. The extra compartments (in front of the main compartment, the space behind the interior flap, the zip compartment, 2 card size slots, and lipstick holder slot) make organizing my things easier than with one big compartment with only a zip compartment and an open slot. This is assuming the new jumbo and maxi will share the same interior characteristics of the 227 and 228, which remains to be seen.

    As for keeping its shape with the double flap, hmmm, I've seen some reissues that are slouchy and winged. If you're constantly opening and closing the flap, it will eventually wing slightly due to Sir Isaac Newton's Law of Gravity. On the other hand, seasons after seasons, Chanel makes changes to material, giving varieties to those who prefer softer leather and a slouchy look available. Keep i mind that leather softens over time due to use, because leather is a natural organ, and, as such, stretches. I am more convinced that it is the underlying thickness of the cardboard used in making these bags more structured. The sides of both the jumbo and maxi will always be more squashed, as this is the look; otherwise, the bag will be very boxy and bulky to my liking. Other factors, such as humidity, also play a role as well, breaking down the cardboard and softenng the leather . Proper storage is important to maintain the bag's shape. There is a section on proper storage of bags, please read it as it contains many valuable information.

    The reason the medium/large is more structured is due to its size, putting less weight and support of the cardboard; thus, reducing the likelihood of wings to develop under the flap. Look-wise, I prefer the medium/large, but in terms of practicality, it barely fits anything to suit my everyday needs. This is where I prefer the reissue 226, much bigger to fit my essentials; yet small enough for evenings out.

    As for weight, I don't find the reissue 227 heavy by all means, unless I overstuff it, and that's painful for my poor shoulders. I guess I am looking forward to the new double flap icon bags, Chanel changed the classics to icon bags btw. I am certainly not thrilled about the price though.
  4. Extremely good post Sophie. You made some great points.

    I suppose that I am excited to see what they are going to look and feel like. It is always interesting to see something new. However, I'm not excited to buy a jumbo with a double flap. I like the 227 with the double flap. If they would just keep the 227 with the double flap, but do the jumbo/maxi without it, that would be better. It gives us a choice. Everything changes though...
  5. Good post Sophie!

    I don't have a problem with the added flap as a matter of fact, I don't find the double flap a nuisance even with my m/l. The extra flap doesn't decreases the capacity that much does it? IMO I think that the double flap & its interior compartments are what defines Ms. Chanel original bag.

    It is interesting that you mentioned the cardboard in the construction of the bag. I have looked are many jumbos (vintage & currrent) and noticed that the vintage ones are stiffer more structured despite their age. Slouchy, wing-batted jumbos & maxis don't seem to look as nice, imo. I'm curious to see what the new bag will look like and how it hold over time.
  6. Hi Ladies,
    haven'y been on here was quite some while. Does anyone know when the new flaps will be released?
    reality 22 mentioned it's been discussed elsewhere. could somebody be so kind to post the link?


    l have to say l'm actually looking forward to a bit more organisation as opposed to just one large compartment!
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    Last edited: Sep 26, 2010
    I agree with Burberry Princess (not sure if I can call you Sophie yet :smile: Like she said, some people actually prefer the less structured look with more of a relaxed feel, which is the reason why I bought a 227 and an '09 Maxi with the higher flap. I know this may be hard to believe, but I honestly like the "winged" look, with the hint of the burgundy interior showing :smile: Kinda like Louboutins :smile: It's much easier to get into than my Jumbo, and I wanted it to be a less structured Maxi bag. I hope that makes sense? :smile:

  8. coming soon in late October/November 2010 for Cruise 2011 collection.
  9. Not a problem since it's my real name. :biggrin:
  10. Very well said, Sophie!

  11. Thanks Burberry Princess!
    I actually bought a Celine Luggage tote recently but thinking to return it for the double flap maxi...
  12. I think that will be extremely heavy...definitely more than the celine...
  13. This is the first time I am reading about the double flap jumbos. I'm assuming that it would look nicer, esp if there is a burgundy interior. However, the weight must be killer. Most jumbo owners will agree that the regular ones are heavy enough...I can't wait to see it!! Hope it doesn't outdo my current jumbo =) !
  14. Ohhh... so it is a part of the cruise collection? So not long to go then...
  15. I'm not a fan of double flaps at all. Drives me crazy! :P