Jumbo dilemma!

  1. As many of you know, I recently purchased a black classic Jumbo in caviar. It is a beautiful bag and the size is perfect, but I haven't worn it yet because when I tried to wear it, it felt like it didn't go with my outfits. I looked through the action thread and the celebrity thread to get some ideas, and saw that most paired it with black/white clothing that looked more on the dressy side. I just feel that the gold/black combo on the Jumbo is so gorgeous it's hard to pull off casually during the day time, and should be reserved for nicer ocassions. Am I insane? What outfits do you recommend?

    And because of this, I'm considering exchanging it for a white Jumbo. I like gold hardware better...does white/gold combo exist? I feel like white would match easier with my clothes. Is there an off-white in caviar? Is white hard to take care of, even in caviar?
    What do you all think? Thanks in advance for answering my many questions!
  2. if you dont mind me asking, how much did your jumbo cost? i am buying my first chanel (yay) but i dont know what size or design i want, so i was just curious
  3. I believe the beige still exists...

    To the other poster who asked, I'm butting in, but my jumbo was $2250.
  4. If you are interested in White with Gold hardware, I was told yesterday at the Rodeo Drive BH Chanel Boutique that no department stores ordered that combo except for them. So they do have White with Gold hardware flaps! You may wanna call them. I just saw the bags yesterday so I know they have them.

    I always wear my Black with Gold hardware Chanels in the day though. I think it can be dressed up and dressed down.
  5. Thank you! I'm very close to the Rodeo one so that's perfect! If I call them, can they reserve one to see if I like it? I had gone to Saks for the EGC so I may have to completely return the black one if I decide not to keep it. They will take back the gift card, right?
  6. I wear my black jumbo with silver h/w with any and everything under the sun and if I had it in gold, I would do the same. For me, I had to get over my over thinking and just enjoy my bags. Since then I don't give it a second thought if I am wearing a red bag with with a purple outfit, b/c in my heart I feel fab:tup: The black is such a classic bag and you won't have to worry as much about staining as you would with the white.
  7. peach. they might not take the gc back. depends on your SA.
  8. My jumbo is black with silver hw, and I always carry it casual, sometimes with jeans, sometimes with leggings (even with shorts in the summer if it's boiling hot out :nuts:). Because the bag is jumbo size, to me this makes it more casual, yet I have medium/large flaps and I wear them casual too. I guess I am just always casual :lol:
  9. I think the black jumbo can be dressed up or down. I can wear one during the week in business attire and keep it for casual Fridays. My friends have asked me to stop wearing the jumbo with my Saturday 'just running errands/came from the gym' look....they think it's disrepectful to the jumbo!
  10. Thank you for your replies!

    I've considered the black Jumbo with silver hardware because I think that has a more versatile look than the gold hardware. It really makes a difference! The gold somehow makes the black Jumbo look extra glamorous IMO, making it difficult to match with everything. BUT -- I feel like the silver is just not me because I tend to wear everything else gold. The white with gold might be perfect.

    I'll give the black one a try again, though. Any suggestions for outfits or any comments would be appreciated! Thanks!
  11. i wear my black jumbo with anything simply..
    i dressed it down with casual outfit like jeans & tops and sometimes i dressed it up with casual / semi formal dress..

    I really love my black jumbo though, it really is versatile :heart:
  12. I agree. Most of my bags have gold HW and they look flashier and dressier than the silver.
  13. i have my black jumbo in gold hw and i wore it with almost anything...
    i wore it with a colourful mini dress, with simple rock tee and jeans.
    i think it's a great everyday bag u can wear up and downs!