Jumbo Classic too large on very petite me??

  1. Ok ladies, im very confused now! I was worried that the Gst was too large on me when I tried in on and I later tried on the Jumbo Classic and didnt think it was large compared to the gst on me. However, I just did a search on the jumbo and found that A LOT of ladies find the Jumbo too large...I'm very petite, 4 11" and size 0... what does everyone think??
  2. If you're used to wearing large bags, then I guess you won't think that the Jumbo will look too big on you. I'm petite too (5'2", size 0), and I tried on the Jumbo just because it holds more than the medium size and everyone suggested this size. Unfortunately, I found it too big on me, it looked like a messenger with a chain on me.:wtf: That being said, the medium size is the perfect size for me.:p
  3. I am very petite as well (5ft & size 0), I feel overwhelmed by both GST & Jumbo Classic; I went for Medium/Large flap. Many members don't think that they are too big.

    Do you like big bags?
  4. I think it's all what you are use to. I see small girls all the time wearing large bags. I'm average height ( 5'5) and still prefer a medium size bag, but I am slowly getting use to larger sizes.
  5. I guess I do prefer larger bags. I did try on the Jumbo in person and it just didnt feel as large on me as the gst. I think this might be because the gst is wider...
  6. I definitly would shorten the chain on the jumbo since the regular lengh of the strap is way too long on me, It does change the way the bag looked on me once I shortend teh chain to right under my arm
  7. I think it's a bit too big for your frame.
  8. chanel-girl, the medium classic would probably be a better fit for your frame, however, the jumbo can also look fantastic depending on how you wear it. :smile:
  9. I think it's totally what you're used to. I'm 5 feet tall, and a size 2. And I love both the GST and jumbo on me. I look strange with the E/W size.

    My sister, who is 5"4 looks so much better with the E/W and medium. That's because we're all used to seeing her carrying tiny bags that barely fit a wallet. For me, I love and carry the baby cabas, etc., so the GST and jumbo looks totally normal and "me".
  10. I know some people are used to it, but I'll be honest; I don't find large bags flattering to very small women. I often think it looks like they're either playing dress up or it's just out of proportion... especially if you're short and very skinny.

    Obviously you have to love how it looks, but that is my honest opinion.
  11. I am 5" and prefer the jumbo cos it can fit more stuff, but think it will look too huge on me.

    I don't mind carrying large bags but becos this is a flap, I would very much prefer it to be more classy rather than casual-looking.

    Guess it really depends on how you want to use it and what you usually wear?
  12. I'm 5'2", size 0 or 2...I found the jumbo to big too big on me. It looked ridiculous. I ended up getting the med/large flap, and it's perfect on me...not too big or too small, just right!
  13. I think its just your presonal preference. I use to never like larger bags and only used smaller ( I am 4'11 haha...wish I was a size 0 :smile: But size 5). As I've gotten older I need larger bags with more stuff. I am comfortable now with larger bags...so I think its just what you like and you feel happy with. Otherwise you wont' use it, no matter how fabulous it is.
  14. I think medium size is better for your frame but it doesn't hold much. PST may be better choice.