Jumbo Classic in caviar

  1. Could somebody help me find out the price of jumbo classic in caviar - in Europe (in euros)?????
  2. Anybody?????????:search:
  3. there has been a little list posted a while ago with the sizes and prizes of classics and reissues (was somewhere in the reference library at post-pistures-of your flap...'
    I believe the classic caviar jumbo is 1695 USD (for euros divide it approximately through 1.33)
    Hope this helps.. :smile:
  4. i was at chanel in munich a couple of days ago and the jumbo was 1695. you'll get around 150 euros back when you do the tax refund and depending which country you are at- the tax rate is different so the price will be slightly different. sad to say- chanel in munich did not have much. :sad:
  5. It's actually USD2250, some say the new stock has a price tag of USD2395.

  6. Good Luck