Jumbo Classic Flap: Wait list help please!

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  1. Hi Chanel lovers!
    So I have decided to buy my first Chanel, I was passing the Chanel boutique at Bloomingdales and inquired how difficult it was to get the jumbo classic flap in caviar with gold hardware. I was told it was at 6-12 month wait list. Is this standard? Or would I have better luck at the Chanel boutique? Thank you for the help, as I am Chanel clueless :P
  2. Try the authentic finds thread, there's couple of them posted there recently. Otherwise you can check department stores like Saks or NM or BG & Hirshleifer in NY :smile: I don't think you have to wait that long (6-12 mo.) to get that bag.
  3. I think the Saks stores have just received a new shipment of the jumbo classic flap in caviar. I just saw a Black Jumbo in SHW this evening at Saks Dadeland Mall. I don't know if they have one in GHW because I wasn't interested in the GHW. I would suggest that you try calling the Saks stores and ask.
  4. In the Chanel Finds thread, Hadassa just posted that Hector at Saks has the black caviar jumbo in GHW. Hope it helps :smile:
  5. Call around! Try SAKS, Bloomingdales, BG, all other Boutique. My sister didn't have to wait for her Black Caviar with silver hardware. Good luck!
  6. u can try hunt around,I went up to New Jersey when I couldn't find my alma gm in India rose within New York...
    Caviar in ghw is really hard to get. I was trying to get one in beige while my cousin was staying in Rome however when she's in store, lamb skin was the only option! And that was the last jumbo in store!
  7. contact Angel at Saks in Dadeland(Miami) he is helpful and knowledgable!