Jumbo classic flap *PICS*

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  1. My darling fiance bought me this about a week ago for Christmas, but I could not start using it until today. It's the jumbo classic flap bag in white caviar and I think it retails for 1695. TIA for letting me share. :P
    chanel 134.jpg
    chanel 136.jpg
    chanel 139.jpg
  2. That is gorgeous!!!-I Am So Happy Too!....my son surprised me last nite with the Jumbo Classic in black caviar......it is gorgeous.....Your BF and my Son are incredible!-
  3. :nuts: I love it! Congrats! What a nice fiance!
  4. Wow, it's a beauty! Very nice. Congrats!
  5. Wow!! I love the white, congratulations.
  6. can any of you girls fill me in? Does the regular quilted classic flaps have a pocket on the back side like how the reissues do?

  7. Wow, this is gorgeous ! Congrats ! :yes:
  8. very pretty, congrats!
  9. It's beautiful. Congrats.
  10. Gorgeous! Congrats!
  11. :flowers: Thank you ladies!

    habanerita: Congrats, please post pics if you can!
  12. That is my next bag, assuming I can find it..
    Amazing, congrats on a great gift!
  13. YAY!!! Congrats!~ The white looks LOVELY on you! I think our closet of Chanel colors are becoming more identical with each purchase! hahaha :graucho:

    Oh...btw...I did stop by SCP to check out the white patent....boy o boy :drool: I had to resist the temptation....sooo hard~

    Once again...Merry Christmas and Happy New Chanel Jen!!! :party:
  14. What a lovely christmas gift! It's gorgeous!
  15. Jennifer,

    Just BEAUTIFUL:love: :love: !! I'm forgetting the count--all I know is that you've got such GORGEOUS babies:P :yes: !!