Jumbo Classic Flap in Caviar

  1. I searched the Chanel subforum but could not find the answer to my question. What colors does the jumbo classic flap come in with the caviar leather? I know it comes in white or black, but is it offered in any other colors? FYI, if anyone is interested in the navy patent in the jumbo size I saw one today at the Chanel location at Americana Manhasset in Long Island, NY. Thanks for your help Chanel experts!:p
  2. As far as I saw, pink, purple, red, teal blue and pretty sure they should come w/ beige
  3. I think someone has a caviar flap in brown too.
  4. Thanks Ling and Lamb. I would love to see it in beige or brown. I actually saw a medium flap in a light pink and wanted it in the jumbo size. The SA at NM told me the light pink does not come in jumbo. Lin, is the pink you are referring to the darker pink?
  5. i wanna say somewhere i saw the new colors for the flaps...yellow included? maybe not in the jumbo though?
  6. New colors for fall? Yellow sounds pretty!:yes:
  7. It also came in a gorgeous coral and a hot pink
  8. I have one in a denim bluish color (my NM tag says dark blue) but I have no idea what color it really is. Maybe it's the same as the teal blue, but it doesn't look teal to me. :shrugs:
  9. light beige (i'm eye on 1..) i think this is seasonal colour... in caviar, pls..
  10. I thought it comes in all colors as the medium.. pink, coral, red, white, beige, black, brown, purple.. it really depends on the season.. ive seen many many colors in the years ive been collecting my medium flap chanel bags.. i'm sure if u keep visiting chanel boutique, ull find the color u want!!

    balenciagalove.. cant u post a picture of your teal bag?? it sounds yummy!!
  11. Thanks for the info, ladies. You know more than the SAs that's for sure. I'll keep looking. I'm sure I'll find something pretty. I'd love to see it in like a charcoal grey or like a gunmetal color.
  12. I have decided to get one in either brown or beige. I've seen a medium in beige, so I know what color it is. I haven't seen a brown caviar flap in any size. If someone could post a pic of a brown caviar flap (in any size) I'd really appreciate it. Thanks so much my Chanel friends.
  13. I swear I can remember someone on this forum having the jumbo in brown caviar.....let me see if I can find the link....................
  14. Thank you so much, LambLovesChanel, for finding that pic for me! I LOVE it. Now I just have to decide which color to get ... beige or brown ..... and then the hunt will begin. Which color do you like better?