Jumbo Classic flap in caviar or Cerf tote?

  1. I can't decide between which one.. Any advice??
    I greatly appreciate it!
  2. classic jumbo flap in caviar!
  3. ditto!
  4. jumbo flap
  5. oh boy, they're just SOO different.
    I personally prefer the look of the flap, but as a Mom and just overall practicality for me I'd have to get the Cerf.
    I'm a Tote girl!:yes:
  6. It depends on what you're planning on using it for.

    If you're just looking for something to add to your collection, you can't go wrong with the flap. I think that if you need something more everyday, the tote would be ok.
  7. I personally would get the flap bag.
  8. I prefer the flap although if they made the Cerf with the silver CC closure I would probably have to have one of those!
  9. I have to vote for the Cerf since it's my current bag obsession. :love:
  10. Jumbo flap - hands down. It's so classic and gorgeous!!!!!!!
  11. Jumbo flap -- I love its look.
  12. I love them both. To me, the flap is more dressy and the Cerf more casual. The flap has a lot going on with the chain and quilting, while the Cerf is very simple. And the Cerf holds a lot more. Depends on what suits your lifestyle.
  13. Jumbo flap!
  14. Get the Jumbo Classic...You'll have a reason to wear it forever...the Cerf tote will limit you more...
  15. what does the cerf tote look like?