Jumbo Classic Big Enough?

  1. Here is what I've been liking for Chanel ... (may be able to afford one this year!)

    (Thanks to the reference forum, I now know the name of what I like..)

    Classic Jumbo Flap in Black Caviar Leather (what is caviar leather?) with preferably silver hardware. ORRRRR the East/West. (Looks SO elegant!)

    And I also love Chanel's tweed, but I think I would want a Cambon tote.. THAT's for a later post. ;)

    So how large is the Jumbo? And does it have two flaps? I've admired the look of that, but I also hear it makes it fit less.

    Attached is a bag that has gotten too small for me, but I can still use this size to go out on dates. (I don't go "out" much though, so my max would be eBay $600, which I couldn't even do before for an everyday bag! Ahh making more money..)

    I'm afraid the classic flap is all I really like in the black quilted leather, which is truly a shame if I can't do it, because it's such a classic.

    On the upside, if it's just an occasion bag, I would sell my Black Dior Saddle Pouch.. Of course then I'd have to get that Brown Dior Saddle BAG (vs. pouch) I want. ;) :yes: Sighhh!
  2. I know the 2.55 ones does have two flap, but if you want something that's roomy, i'd sugguest stick w/totes or cabas or less structured Chanel. Post eBay auction to the Auth, thread,and lots of Chanel guru will help to identify if its the real deal. good luck! ps, keep in mind price increase is set on Feb 1 of this year, so good luck ^^
  3. The Jumbo Classic Flap only has one flap. I've got one and it's very roomy.
  4. I agree with tammy. It is definitely very roomy. My boyfriend got me the black caviar with silver hardware (which I really need to get around to posting photos of!) for my birthday. I am used to huge bags and was surprised at how much I could fit in it.

    At the most, I've had a small make-up bag, my sidekick 3, digital camera, keys, LV small agenda, and some other random little things stuffed into it.