Jumbo class flap or 09 Cruise camera bag

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  1. Hello Ladies,

    I need help, I am debating between the jumbo classic flap or the 09 cruise camera bag in large, which one should I get during the EGC event? It is so hard to decide. :sad: Please help~~~~~~~~~

    Thank you very much in advance.
  2. I would go for the jumbo classic flap. Which color are you thinking of getting? I really like the red caviar w/ SHW.
  3. ^I second that!! It also depends on what you have in your collection. :smile: Ohhhh, and I'm also loving the navy caviar Jumbo with silver h/w... really gorgeous!! :love:
  4. Another vote for jumbo classic flap ^^
  5. I would love to get both if I have the means :graucho:

    But if I have to pick one only - I think it'll be the new camera flaps :yes:
  6. Thanks everyone. :smile:

    I'm going to get the black in caviar and it is gonna be my first Chanel. :yahoo:
  7. Yea, I would like to have both too. I think I will use the gift card from EGC event to get the camera bag but for the camera bag, I really like the navy metallic reissue one but the Saks SA told me Saks didn't get it. So sad.......:sad: