Jumbo CF for formal/dressier occasions? Mod shots?

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  1. Hey all,
    I'm finally in the market to buy a classic flap. I'm already set on getting one in black caviar with GHW, but I am absolutely torn between M/L and the Jumbo size.

    I am looking for a bag that I would be able to use every day but also use it for dressier occasions. I live in Las Vegas, so by "dressier" I mean going to the club, upscale restaurants, weddings, date nights etc. I am 5'0 and 95 lbs; however, I love larger handbags. I feel like I'm one of the rare people that prefers the New Medium Boy rather than the Old Medium because I think it is the perfect size for me. I've used my NM Boy for day and night as well. Otherwise, my usual "night" bag is the LV Favorite MM, and I tend to play Tetris with it to fit what I want to bring. For the longest time, I've been set on getting the Jumbo, but two things have concerned me while reading this forum: how "casual" it is and its weight. However, I really think the M/L is too small for a day bag as well.

    Common opinion here says that the Jumbo is strictly a day bag. Do any of you ladies have mod shots of your Jumbo CF all dressed up? What is the most formal occasion you'd use your Jumbo? Does an M/L exist in a single flap? (for more space) Is the Jumbo really that heavy? How bad does the chain dig into the shoulder when fully packed? Would you be able to travel with it and go for hours?

    I will be going to the Chanel boutique to try both of sizes out soon, but I'd love to be informed beforehand. Thanks!
  2. I think Jumbo is too big for formal events/occasions. M/L is the biggest size suitable for this use IMO. I personally prefer Small or Mini.
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  3. Agreed with @fdc . M/L is the better size for versatility from casual to formal occasions. Personally, I wouldn't want to lug my jumbo around in a club or a formal wedding (date nights and upscale restaurants would be ok though). But if you love larger bags and the Jumbo is what you really want, go for it.
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  4. I have no mod shots unfortunately but i had a vintage large flap similar size to a jumbo in lambskin with shiny gold hardware and large CCs. But even tho it looks dressy, it just doesn’t work for any formal events in my opinion due to it’s size no matter the dress i wore with it.

    I think, from what I’ve noticed throughout the years here in tpf, the general consensus is that wearing a chanel jumbo flap to a formal event especially weddings is a big fashion faux pas. I completely agree with it and think that no matter who carries it and what dress they wear, they always look like they’re ready to leave the event like they’re carrying all their stuff around because they’re not staying long at the party.

    For clubbing, it’s also very physically big and might get damaged from people bumping into it.
    The most formal event I’d take it too is maybe dinner in a smart casual restaurant wearing jeans and heels.
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  5. I absolutely love my jumbos, but I agree with earlier comments about taking it clubbing and to weddings. However, when it comes to traveling, I usually take a jumbo. It is very secure (especially the DF) and holds a bunch. I wouldn't take it if you're likely to walk around a lot because the chain will dig into your shoulder after several hours, but, for car and airplane trips, I would recommend the jumbo. Not sure if mentioned above, but jumbos do come in single flap and are much lighter. The only drawback is that the single flap is no longer available in the boutique. You would have to purchase pre-owned.
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  6. At our annual industry dinner last year a lady wore a beige jumbo and a pantsuit - both decisions slightly off imho
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  7. Well, that was an easy consensus haha. I don't mind going the pre-loved route if it is what is better for me overall.

    What do you guys think of the Westminster flap (2015)? It seems to be one of the only single flap M/Ls I could find, but I am worried that it is 1. Lambskin and 2. a button closure instead of the turnlock. I've seen comments on here saying that lambskin is *very* delicate but also some saying that it's much more durable than people say.

    As of now, I'm leaning towards getting a caviar black with GHW in M/L and a single flap jumbo in SHW.