Jumbo Caviar $$

  1. Hi,

    I was wondering how much the Jumbo Caviar is in the US now, if anyone knows?

  2. with price increase: $2650
    pre-price increase: $2250
  3. Yupp! The price went up $400 on Nov. 1.

  4. Did the price went up just for the JUMBO? or for all Chanel bags?
    Argghh... $400- that'a a lot!
  5. ^For any classic Chanel bag. i.e. timeless clutch, GST, PST, med/lrg flaps, jumbo, etc.
  6. :shocked: Damn, $400 is a lot for an increase. This is depressing :s
  7. ^i agree
    i wish i "discovered" chanel like two years ago HAHAHA
  8. ^We all do. I would have saved sooo much on the jumbo. Too bad that was when I was still 16/17 which was way too young.

    Arg. I really hope Chanel is done with these increases because I'm having a hard time keeping up!