Jumbo caviar vs. grand caviar chain tote?

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  1. I am debating between the two, both with black and gold hardware! I am wondering which bag is more comfortable and more wearable...
    Also what is the difference in size???????:wlae: :graucho: thanks!
  2. Do you mean Jumbo Flap vs Grand Shopping Tote?
  3. yes...sorry for the confusion....what do u think?
  4. I prefer the GST.
    You'll probably get more votes for the flap as it's more iconic.
    But for me personally, the GST as it fits way more and I don't usually like the extra step to get into my purse that you have w/ a flap bag. I like to shove my hand in w/o any obstructions! LOL!
    Both are completely classic and excellent choices!

  5. thank u for ur help...i am on the fence with it:wtf: :shrugs:
  6. I'm a tote girl! Also, the GST is definitely the most Chanel for the $!
  7. I have a GST and I love it. I believe it's a great everyday bag. IT's not as danty as the JUMBO FLAP but for the price, it's definitely bigger than the Jumbo Flap. I'll be getting my JUMBO flap next week. IF you can wait till then I'll take pics for you to compare. IF not then I am sure another PFer has those two.
  8. I'm about to make another purchase and I'm also deciding between the 2 of them.

    Loveone7- please post your pictures when you get them so we can do a side-by-side comparison.TIA
  9. The tote is more spacey than the flap! I do love both but I always find the tote much more handy on an everyday basis!
  10. I LOVE the GST, but the straps kept slipping off my shoulders. I even tried putting some of my things in the bag at the boutique, and the straps still slipped off. :confused1: I prefer the jumbo for this very reason, the jumbo stays where it's supposed to!
  11. Yes, the GST is larger and easier to get in/out of but there is the shoulder sliding issue to consider. My shoulders are small but well muscled from working out and the straps still slide down. Test it out in the store and see if it suits you.
  12. Hmm... I have both jumbo flaps and GST...
    So of course I like I get more use out of the GST but honestly, you asked which is more comfy....
    I think the jumbo is way more comfy.

    Plus the GST is really heavy esp. if its stuff, so yes its big and roomy but if you stuff it really kills your shoulders anyway!
  13. I debated on this too but I decided on the jumbo vs. GST for the very same reasons noted above.