Jumbo caviar silver chain flap

  1. Just wondering the pricing of Chanel Jumbo flap around the world. In Singapore Chanel store, it is selling for SGD 3860 including VAT of 5%. How much are they selling the same bag in Paris, Hong Kong, Australia, London, etc? Thanks.

  2. I think in the UK (London) the jumbo has gone up to £1055 in caviar with silver hardwear, can't help you on the other contries though, sorry x
  3. Yup in singapore it was SGD$3340 b4 the hike...in paris it is 1650 Euro (b4 de-tax)...
    Hong Kong is about $200-300 cheaper (depending on the X-change rates)
    In London..some1 bght it at 1170 pds...

    The conversion rate...Euro to Sin...I bght mine abt $3000SGD (bght from paris)

    as for Australia (is more expensive than US).. using US price as a guide