Jumbo caviar has no sheen - is this normal?

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  1. I decided to purchase a jumbo flap (black caviar, silver hardware) for my mom's b-day. I finally got it today from Saks, but I am a bit disappointed that the caviar doesn't seem to have a lot of sheen to it. It looks different from my medium flap (gold h/w) and I don't know... :sad:
    I went to a different Chanel boutique to compare and they only had one jumbo in stock which was also not shiny. I don't know, is this unique to silver hardware combo?

    I am also not sure about the silver h/w. I thought it would look chic on my mom (she'll turn 57) because I saw some older women with gold h/w and it gave off a bit of aged look (no offense to anyone!). Uggh, my head is spinning. If I exchange it for gold hardware, that means I have to pay $300 extra because I ordered mine before the price increase.

    I don't know, what do you guys think? TIA.
  2. There have been a few threads on this lately. The new caviar is different than the old caviar leather, they changed it. The new one has less shine.
  3. Thanks missisa, I think I remember something about the "new caviar" now.

    Also, this is a side issue, but I've been researching the forum and it seems like people paid $2250 for a jumbo caviar before the price increase. Saks charged me $2395. What gives???
  4. ^That's not too bad actually. I know some Saks didn't raise the prices on Chanel like they were supposed to on Nov 1, and some raised the prices on Nov. 12 instead. The increased price was $2,650 though.
  5. ^^Yes, but I was assured that I was getting the pre-increase price, that's why I rushed and bought it right away (the bag was sent to me later).
    If they duped me on the price, I might return it.
  6. ^Hmm yes, you should definitely check up with your SA on that. I've actually heard of other people complaining they got charged that same amount when their SA's promised them they would get the pre-increase price of $2,250. I wonder if it was a fluke in the computer system? Anyhow, yes, you should have paid $2,250 pre-increase so you should try to get a partial refund for that!
  7. That's odd. I wonder where they came up with that amount.

    I'm hoping if enough people complain about the new caviar and return the bags, they'll go back to the old style.
  8. the old caviar jumbo is 2250 pre-increase, new price is 2660. the new caviar is 2395. dunno if they raised the price of the new caviar.
  9. Check inside the bag and see if it was made in Italy. I have a theory (just mine, lol) that the bags coming from Italy have the "new" caviar but not the ones from France. Last week I spent many hours at Neimans, Saks and the Chanel boutique comparing bags. Without exception, all the ones with "made in Italy" were dull, and all the ones with "made in France" were shiny. Didn't matter what they style was either. Just found it interesting.
  10. that's interesting. i got the new one that is made in france, but i returned it.
  11. One of my friends bought her bag before the increase from Saks and she also paid $2395. Mine was from the Chanel boutique a few months earlier and it was $2250. I don't know why there is the price discrepincy.
  12. Not sure about the jumbo but I'm sure that's not the case for the timeless clutch. I got a made in Italy that was shiny and truly black. I then exchanged it via mail and received a made in France that is dull and greyish black.
  13. Thanks everyone.
    The one I bought was "Made in France." My mom doesn't like "Made in Italy" so I specifically asked for the French version.
    I am hoping that the new caviar is $2395 and that I paid the right amount. Uggh because really, I am exhausted looking for the right present for my mom.
  14. Hi, I am sure your mom will love it, I got the jumbo with silver hardware as a Xmas
    present from my son last XMas, until then I only had Gold Hardware, I love the Jumbo with Silver hardware and treasure his gift, I am sure your mom will too!!!!!:heart:H
  15. I bought a white caviar with gold hardware pre price increase and then decided I wanted the silver. I went to my Chanel boutique and exchanged it and they gave me the pre price increase price, since it was the same bag with different hardware, you should try it.