Jumbo Caviar Flap

  1. I should know this but I don't or I just can not remember..lol
    Does tge Jumbo flap come in beige caviar ?
    I think I want it in that color if available..:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  2. I just tried on the large flap in beige caviar at Saks. Silver hardware.
  3. Oops! I meant the jumbo flap.
  4. do you remember the price
  5. It was $1775. It's gone (just called my SA), but she said she could probably find you one. She's in tomorrow from 1-9 and her name is Diane 248-643-9000. She's the Chanel rep there.
  6. I just returned mine(jumbo with silverhardware) to Beachwood, OH. last week.
  7. Why did you return it?
  8. but biege looks good with gold not silver.....but really want 1 more in light beige in caviar....wonder is this a seasonal colour???