Jumbo Caviar Flap Leather?

  1. Hi,

    I just got a brand new caviar flap in jumbo, and was wondering, is it normal for the caviar leather on the sides where the flap opens (as shown in the pics) to appear more smooth/less indented or 'pebbled' than the rest of the bag?

    I think i'm just being an*l hehe, but it appears the same on both sides?

    Thanks :smile:
    IMG_1950.JPG IMG_1951.JPG IMG_1954.JPG
  2. I just checked my white caviar flap and it does not show any dading of the pebbles like yours.. but I think its not a big deal. But since it is not an unlimited bag, I'm sure you can get an exchange fairly easily if you wish=)
  3. I just checked my Jumbo in black, and to some extent, it does flatten out a bit around the edges. It doesn't bother me at all. I think it's just from the leather being pulled tight in those areas, no biggie.
  4. i purchased it from personalshoppers, so i don't know how easy it would be to exchange :sad:

    but as lambloveschanel said, it's probably normal?
  5. It's normal on mine....and I think it looks fine on your too.
  6. thanks lamb :smile: i think so too, i get so particular with my bags it's ridiculous! hehe

    i think like u said, it's the leather at those 2 points (where the flap joins) that is stretched on the jumbo due to the size of the flap
  7. Golden hun, I just checked mine and it doesn't have a smooth area like yours do but then again, mine doesn't seem to fold quite like the way yours does either. It doesn't fold and hold in like your smooth edges do but rather is part of the entire side - the way it sits, I mean. Like a semi-rolled cardboard, if that makes sense :p

    That said, yours is probably normal, nothing to worry about! :smile:
  8. I know Golden, we can get crazy about the smallest details on our bags, I'm no different!!!!
  9. I think this is quite common on the corners of the bag...don't worry ..so where are the modeling pics?
  10. mine is "dented" but the leather is still "pebbled"...
    if this bothers u , then return it...
  11. dont get me wrong, the leather is still pebbled, but it's just less pebbled in those areas. i think it may be more common in the softer colours, newer caviars..
  12. Golden.... you carry the bag so well...love your denim dress and the rosettes dress, is it a Philip Lim?

  13. fyi, mine is a white caviar..got it new...but I've yet bring her "out":p..no "less pebbled" areas thgh
  14. hmm well it appears to be normal in some bags so i don't know, it is brand new and appears on both sides so i doubt it's a fault..it's just like the pebbles are less obvious but they're still there, because the caviar is taught around the sides

    i dont think this colour in jumbo is available anywhere tho