Jumbo Caviar Flap in black--silly to have both silver and gold hardware?

  1. Are these bags too much alike to have both? Or does the difference in color of the hardware justify it?

    For those who think its silly to have both----which would be better? Silver or Gold

    I would hate to buy one, thinking that I will eventually get the other----but then later decide they are too similiar.

    Thats why a lot of thought has to be put into which one to get first. It may be the only one I ever get. KWIM:sweatdrop:

    --Bit of background. My engagement ring is platinum and I wear lots of white gold and silver jewelry. I know that its not necessary to be matchy matchy but.....just sharing. LOL

    Also I'm under 30 years old (barely. LOL). No kids. But I'm not looking for a super mature look. Just something fun and classy to dress up and down.

    Also I;m getting the GST in gold.

    Is that enough background for you all to help? LOL:roflmfao: :supacool:
  2. I think they are really different looks. I keep thinking of Selena's group photo of her flap bags...she has both, and I think they are quite different. The gold seems a bit more formal to me, for some reason, but I think they are both beautiful.
  3. Honestly, if I could afford both, I would have both! :yes: That being said, if you are getting the GST w/ the gold hardware, I would be tempted to get the Jumbo caviar with silver at this point, that way you have a large lovely bag with both h/w options, and you can add the jumbo w/ gold at a later point if you still desire that. Please post pix of whatever you get!

  4. Ok. Lets get some dialogue about them being different looks.

    What kind of look is the silver vs. the gold? :shrugs:

  5. how about a jumbo in silver and a medium w/ gold hardware. the gold hardware makes the bag seem more formal, but the jumbo size is not a very "formal" bag, and thus the medium size bag is a better size perhaps for a formal bag!
  6. I have to agree with Macbagger, If you are getting the GST with G.H/W I would go with the silver for you classic flap.
    Also as you said you wear lots of Silver/Platinum jewelry, and IMO I think its looks so much cuter when the H/W actually matches you Jewelry it just rounds the outfit off and makes it looks a whole lot chicer!
    Good luck with you desicion, let us know what you decide on!

  7. Unfortunately the medium flap would never be an option for me (unless it was free or a gift :roflmfao: ) because its just too tiny for my tastes.
  8. I agree.
    I really love how it looks - its so adorable, but I guess I just have a too many "must haves" that I'd like to carry with me and its just too tight of a fit :sad:
  9. Agree as well!:yes:
  10. ^ Me too!! Definitely voting for the silver HW... :yes:
  11. I say you must own ALL OF THEM....LMAO..Yes..we are all enablers here...
    MU HA HA HA!
  12. YES! You need both!
  13. I would go with the silver hardware on the jumbo...it looks stunning!:heart:

  14. I have both as tln mentioned. I ordered them right before the price increase at $1695 I actually only wanted one but each of my SAS foudn them and I figured, I would wait and after I received them, return one. Well long story short, I kept both. They look completely different. The gold is much dressier and iconic CHANEL. the silver can be worn more easily casual. I wear both tones of jewelry so it works for me. If you only wear white gold then you probably dont need the goldtone.

    Good luck!!
  15. Hardware color makes the bag look totally different, both is good!