Jumbo caviar flap AND a timeless clutch?

  1. The jumbo is a for sure thing within the next month or so, but I also really like the clutch. If you have the clutch, how much use do you typically get out of it? I don't have strict rules for myself with bags and so I think that in say, caviar, I could see myself wearing it during the day depending on what I was doing...

    Just want to hear what you guys think.
  2. i like clutches, but i don't wear them a lot. it's like once or twice a year honestly...
    because i carry lots of things, i bring more than 1 cell phones, and few other stuff.
  3. if its a bigger clutch you could use it in the day too! its quite a cool look i think
  4. So far ive only used my clutch once...i really want to start using it more, but im always scared its going to fly out of my hand or somthing.
  5. There was a time when I carried LARGE clutches and would slip them down into my tote/briefcase. Now, I have no need for them, though I DO think they look smart with a suit. I purchased the timeless clutch in lambskin KNOWING it's only going to see the light of day (well, night) 2-3 times a year AT MOST. I'll have it forever and it suits my need for an elegant evening/formal clutch.

    The Jumbo caviar flap is a workhorse. I just bought one and it will be my everyday bag come November (it's red). It really depends on your needs. To me, that is the question I ask before I buy my bag. I saw some great ones at Saks yesterday during the GCE, but passed because I KNEW I didn't need the style. HTH.