jumbo black caviar vs. jumbo navy patent reissue

  1. Sorry for all the questions -

    If you could only have one, which would you choose -

    Jumbo Black Caviar Flap (with silver hardware) and matching wallet, or

    Jumbo Navy Patent Reissue (with gold chains).

    The black is classic, but I can get it anytime. I need a bag for everyday, and wonder if the Navy will serve that purpose. If I get the Navy, no wallet. Hmmm.
  2. I have the black jumbo caviar flap and it is so versatile. I love it. I'd recommend it.
  3. For everyday I would get the black jumbo :yes:
  4. For everyday, the black caviar, but I LOVE the navy. If you switch bags sometimes I'd get the navy. It is a knockout.
  5. If it's an everyday bag, I would go for the black caviar.