jumbo backs or La Poussette back for studs

  1. My beautiful new diamond studs from WF are mounted in Platinum. They wanted $2-300 extra for jumbo backs so I took the regular heavy backs. The sent me some plastic backs that you put between your ear and the metal back which help stabilize the earring. But I'm a bit worried about security. One of my backs has friction and gives resistance when putting on and taking off but the other slides pretty easily. So I'm thinking of purchasing jumbo backs separately -- either from WF or elsewhere. I would get 14K instead of platinum. The appraiser I talked to suggested that since 14k white gold usually has nickel (which I'm allergic to), one option might be to get 14k yellow gold and rhodium plate it. Has anyone ordered backs separately from their earrings? Should they fit? Anyone have LaPoussette backs? Seems they are fairly expensive but secure? Easy to use?
  2. You might try taking them to a local jeweler and having the back that is loose adjusted. I have had to have this done and it shouldn't be a problem. At least you could try doing this before purchasing another set of backs. Don't have them work on the earring part, or that will void your warranty with WF!