Jumbo and medium beige cav with shw

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  1. Jumbo and Medium beige cav with SHW available through my wonderful NM SA Kelly Ford.
    Today ONLY.. You get a gift card with the purchase!:yahoo:
    Hurry! As they will not last long at all.
    Good luck!
  2. do you have a number to call? thanks.
  3. Kelly emailed me back but I was in a meeting...Thanks Marshall for the heads up...hopely I will get in touch with her tomorrow...But she mentioned that the gift card promotion is only good for today...

    Wish me luck~
  4. Sorry girls my computer was down last night... For future reference.. My girl Kellys number is 704-756-3437
    Good Luck!
    I have the beige jumbo with ghw and I adore it....:yahoo: