Jumbo 2.55 "too much" of a good thing?

  1. Is the Jumbo Reissue in Dark Silver $3475 too much of a good thing? Is the 227 or 226 a better choice to use as a day bag? I won't be using it for evening wear as much. What do you think?
  2. i personally love the 228 as a day bag. i feel that the 227 would work too but the 226 would be too small.
  3. I don't think so. I love the 228. The 227 is also doable for day but the 226 is too small, at least for me.
  4. I think it's the perfect size for everyday! :yes:
  5. i don't think there can be too much of a good thing when it comes to reissue sizes! i finally got to try the 228 in person the other day and quite like it :smile:
  6. I bought the 2.55 in the 227 size. It is perfect for all occasions. I could not justify the extra $600+ for such a little difference in size. Once again it is a matter of choice. I would rather put that money towards another Chanel. I think that you get the same bang for your buck.
  7. I just bought the 228 new silver reissue and plan to use it as a day bag too! Actually, now I am waiting for the navy metallic 228 and will have to choose between the new navy and blk 228, i love them so much, I would like to have three but that is just nuts! I have two 227's from last year, gold and metallic black and while I love them they are still too small as an every day bag for me. Frankly I feel more justified in spending the extra $$ for the 228 since i can use it for day whereas i spent $2400 last year on the 227's and they are just "occassional" bags!
  8. I LOVE the 228 and would love to have one to use as an everyday bag :smile:
  9. 228 = Love Love Love
  10. There is so much of a difference in the 228 compared to the 227, it's quite extravagant! lol~ wider chain, (wider base on the spring 08's), that extra 2 inches really adds glam and makes it stand out :yes:
  11. Thanks for all your replies!:ty:
  12. Thanks for posting.
    I did know the chain was wider - how much more wide is it?
  13. 228 is bigger than a classic jumbo. I think 227 suits me better for every day bag!