July the 14th

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  1. As you may, or may not know I will visit the UK this summer. One of the highlights will of course be Mulberry heaven Shepton Mallet. I will meet Ali Bagpuss and Sarajane there on tuesday the 14th. I just cann't wait to see other tPFers IRL! If there are any other members that would like to join, please do!!!
  2. That's great news bagcrazy , it would be lovely to meet you.
  3. Aww thats lovely Bagcrazy! It's always great to meet fellow tPF'ers!
  4. That sound soo great. My DH and I have talked about visiting UK or France this summer so you never know, I might pop up. But summer feels far, far away right now.
    We have snowstorm and cold outside right now.
  5. Bummer that I live in NEW England, why can't I live in OLD England!!!!!!!:crybaby::crybaby:
  6. Oh Bagcrazy that sounds such a great plan - will leave now and keep the sofa warm!
  7. ^^Don't eat all the scones though!
    Bagcrazy, it will lovely to meet you. Really looking forward to it.
  8. how exciting! Take piccies for those of us who will be stuck in work!! Hope you get some good deals, it should be sale time shouldn't it?
  9. On BC, I would have loved to have popped down and met you but that is the week that we always have our family holiday.

    Make sure you take lots of photos and buy lots of gorgeous bags.
  10. I am soooo looking forward to it! Do you think if there is a special bag I want, SM would be willing to keep it aside for me, if I would call them a few weeks before I visit?
  11. Wonderful news, bagcrazy! You can look forward to a great time at Shepton and some very nice ladies to meet you there!

    Have fun!!!

  12. Let me know what you're after & I'll get it sorted for you. :tup:
  13. I will!!! This makes it even more exciting! Must make up my mind very good, before I decide which one I want. Not having the possibilities that you have SJ in returning bags!!
  14. BC, I don't live to far from SM, it would be nice to meet up!!
  15. That would be great!! :yes: