July Purchases!

  1. I finally received my silver lockit from Ala Moana earlier this week. Ordered the MC key holder and picked up the Neverfull MM today!

    Mirroir 003.jpg

    Mirroir 004.jpg

    Mirroir 005.jpg
  2. nice haul! congrats!!! :smile:
  3. That's gorgeous...I wasn't a fan of these bags when they first came out, but I have to say I deffinitely like the silver over the gold...it's fabulous
  4. Congrats!
  5. Congratulations.
  6. Oooh great pieces!! CONGRATS!! Love the mc key holder!
  7. Great pieces! Congrats on a successful LV month!
  8. congrats!
  9. Thanks everyone! I can't wait to use the lockit. It's my first LE piece!
  10. congrats on the goodies!
  11. Oo Congrats!
    Very nice :smile:
  12. Congrats!!
  13. Great loot! Congrats, it's all lovely!
  14. Congrats
  15. So beautiful. i really want one now. how much are they if you don't mind my asking?