July Purchases!

  1. Seeing that today is July 1, I figured I'd start a new thread for us to post our purchases this month. :yes:

    I technically got this yesterday, but seeing that I'm posting it today, it'll be a "July" purchase.

    We went outlet shopping yesterday and hit the Chicago Premium Outlets in Aurora, IL and the Lighthouse Premium Outlets in Michigan City, IN. I am happy to report that I got my first true outlet steal. The Michigan City outlet is fantastic and I was amazed by everything they had. They had one of the extra large orange straw baskets on the clearance rack (like the limited edition one that came with all of the perfume print goodies, except it didn't come with the accessories)! I'm not really into those, but I was shocked to see it there.

    ANYWAY, I picked up a black leather Carly wristlet out of the clearance bin and got it for $56!! It was the only one in there and it had no tags on it. I asked one of the SAs on the floor for the price and she said $69.99 and 20% off that. So, I took it to the register and the SA looked it over and wasn't sure what to do. I told her what the other SA said and she walked over to confirm it. She then asked her manager who said $128 (which is retail) and 20% off that price. She told her manager the price the other SA gave me, took that SA aside and talked with her, and said to the SA at the register, "I guess we have to give it to her for 20% off $69.99 then." :nuts: I also picked up something for my RAOK buddy while I was there.

    I'll post a photo of it later when my camera battery is charged up. I had to get a new battery this weekend so I am temporarily without camera. Here's the stock photo:

  2. Ooh...purty!!

    I got a new baby yesterday, but won't be able to take pictures of her until later this week, so it'll probably go in this thread. I can't wait to see all the gorgeous new July stuff!
  3. I went to the outlets this morning and picked up some accessories.

    (p.s. the bird is from a different company.)
    Coach and HH accessories.JPG
  4. Wow -that is a great find - Congrats!!! I am hoping that I have nothing to add to this thread. :sad:
  5. oh I will add some stuff later on this week I have the new lion keyfob and the legacy slim envelope wallet!

    Great buys so far keep them coming!!
  6. [​IMG][/quote]

    I had that but then my awesome RAOK buddy gave me a gift card so I exchanged it for the demi. Which I absolutely LOVE!!!!!!!!!!! It has been attached to me since I took the tags off of it yesterday!!!
  7. that wristlet is beautiful, heading to the outlet tomorrow and can't wait to see what i find. after the weekend, their prices usually change. congrats on that though!
  8. Great purchases ladies! :tup:
  9. Congrats on the outlet purchase, what a great deal! I know once I made a mistake on pricing when I worked at my outlet, and the store ended up having to sell the item to the customer for the lower price. It wasn't as big a difference as yours though, that rocks!
  10. I just got the COACH LEGACY SIGNATURE FLAP I love it!! Im trying not to buy to much till the Fall.
  11. Congrats, ladies! Great way to start out the month!

    I'm hoping to have exactly 3 bags (2 bought pre-ban, 1 is a gift I'm receiving) and 1 wristlet to add this month. And that's it! They're all technically on June, but people are very, very slow during the summer at shipping! :tdown:
  12. I got this today through eBay for $45.00 with free shipping:

    It should be here by the end of the week! :smile:
  13. Well, today I won a watermelon purse fob for 24.77 including shipping! I hope that is a good price, but I really like the fob....:yes: !!!
  14. momo...where did you get the bird from, it's very cute.

    love the fruit coin purse! gah, i wish i was close to an outlet...lol
  15. I won a pond shoulder bag and some white Keri sunglasses from eBay today. Yesterday I got my white patent ergo hobo, owl keyfob, grasshopper cell lanyard, and legacy stripe scarf....oh yeah, and a banana split Juicy charm magically appeared in the mail (a surprise from DH)!