July Podium ~ What would you like your store to order more of? (Non-bags)

  1. The managers and assistants are now preparing for their trip to Paris in the coming weeks.

    Some H staff are already aware of what new colours are coming up for SS2008 but they are sworn to secrecy and will not divulge even if I tickle them pink. But as expected, the colours will be bright and cheerful .... as it's Spring/Summer afterall.

    We have a chicken and egg situation here. Because we don't know what's coming for SS2008, we can't declare our interests and put in our requests. So the buyers will have no choice but to buy "blind" and hope that their selection will appeal to end customers. (Yes, they do buy with specific clients in mind, based on their knowledge of the customers' likes and dislikes)

    If you could influence what your store buyers buy (existing stuff), what would you want them to buy more of? And in what leather? And what colours?
  2. i am asking them to order a picotin GM in veau barenia!
  3. Large Karos
    Large Be-bops

    GM picotin
    More trims in fun colours
  4. I would like my store to order the following:-

    1) Shooting star cadenas
    2) BeBop in Turquoise (swift)
    3) H-enamel bracelet in white and palladium

    This is all I can think of at the moment.
  5. Since we're only talking non-bags...

    More leather bracelets! Every time I go in there is that ONE orange swift/PH CDC just sitting there, by itself, sad and lonely. It would be nice to see some more color and leather choices in regards to bracelets. Maybe even some exotics - be still my heart.

    Clutches of all kinds - my store seems to be really lacking here, too.
  6. More natural leather necklaces, natural leather wallets. Particularly --a man's natural barenia wallet.
  7. Accessories with/in Gold hardware. Usually they are in palladium.
  8. Horn necklaces.
  9. More small accessories! All of them! LOL

    And yes MrsS - I second the request for a shooting star cadena! :yes:
  10. More small accesories! There are never any karo's to be had... I NEED to replace my makeup bag. It is disreputable.
  11. I'd like to see more PM mousselines and stoles and more CDC belts (thinner version) and bracelets!
  12. NYC got a new shipment of CDC belts today...........they are not out
  13. nyc has large karos in violet, vermilion, rose dragee and white
  14. White clic clacs.. can't find one anywhere :sad:
  15. ^^ Which size Rose? Think or thin? Pall or gold? So we can look out for you.