July edition of InStyle magazine

  1. I dont know if you ladies have seen the new july edition of In style magazine but I was looking at it today and there was a page on the new coach line. Hopefully its not been posted yet..

    Sorry for bad quality it was taken with my crappy iPhone

    The bag in the picture is a leather bag with beads for 248 available in oct

    It also says did u know that every 1$ of 4$ spent on handbags and accessories in the USA is spent on coach products? ;)
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    Ha ha, it's that bag that one tPFer (sorry, too lazy to look up exact thread/comment) called 'broken Mardi Gra beads' glued on the bag. It sure doesn't do anything for me except it gives me that regurgitating reaction. :yucky:

    Krakoff states: "It seemed like the right time to do playful, edgy pieces that are versatile and more affordable. Poppy has a preppy vibe, but with a kind of punky sensibility that comes through in the details. We mixed sequins and patent touches with Pop Art-inspired prints, for example. And there's quirky hardware and retro shapes for bags and jewelry."

    Sorry, this is not the same Coach I fell in love with. :nogood: :tdown:
  3. I think that bag looks like something you could get for $5 at Claire's

  4. I completely agree with you!
  5. Sorry, this is not the same Coach I fell in love with. :nogood: :tdown:[/QUOTE]

    I second that.
  6. I am not a bling kind of girl. NOT for me.
  7. That bag doesn't do it for me, either. It looks like something my 5-year-old might make if given the materials and a bunch of glue. At least Coach is putting out bags in much more classic styles like Clover and Maggie.

  8. :lol:
  9. I thought the same thing too when I was flipping through the magazine......the most freaking ugliest bag I have ever seen looks like a 5 yr old made it. But, all Coach needs is a movie star to carry down the red carpet then everyone will want one.
  10. I saw that too and couldn't believe it! And InStyle gave it a center stage photo!!! I guess they feel SOMEONE will like it!
  11. That bag is absolutely hideous. It reminds of one of those runway pieces that may look decent there but do not translate to real life. Where could I ever carry this?
  12. Yep, have this issue and saw the article, but I have to say that I love the blazer. I could do some fun things with that...
  13. I just dont understand why it is made of leather when u cant see it at all with all those bead chains..
    I didn't think it was coach at first I had to flip back and read the article.
  14. You all are NUTS!!!!!!! that chain bag is AMAZING!!! Best thing Coach has made in at least a year! It remind me of the Prada bag Carrie wore in season 6 with Berger... remember? it had like long black strands hanging off it, and she wore it on a motorcycle to see the opening of Smith Jarrods play? and after words, she and Berger split?

    lol I got off topic, but that bag is AWESOME!
  15. wow, $1 out of every $4 spent on handbags is Coach?? That's a lot of money!! so that means Coach dominates 25% of the handbag market?