JULY / AUGUST share your new Bal treasures here !

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  1. I'll begin with this Ponyhair Velo with Silver Hardware :heart:

    Attached Files:

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  2. cool kick-off we have here!
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  3. me again :lol:
  4. #4 Jul 4, 2019
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2019
    I love the A5, this one looks gorgeous, is it the milky way or a metallic finish, or just looking shimmery due to the lighting? :love:
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  5. Tattoo Mini A6 for me! :love: Though I would have loved to have found a B4, this one is undeniably very cute!

  6. omg, gals, you're on the roll!!! :panic:
    one is better than the other!! :yahoo:
    congrats to you both, very special scores!
    big :heart: to Papier!
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  7. does it have the 100 YEARS scribble?
  8. It's the shimmering milky way :smile:

    Such a cutie :heart: I think the Mini is a great size for this design :yes:
    Congrats on this beauty !
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  9. Super cute. Congrats and enjoy :smile:
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  10. New-to-me (and brand new, unworn)... town in marron cognac, with my only other Bal remaining, outremer first
    IMG_7162.JPG IMG_7168.JPG IMG_7165.JPG
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  11. Congrats on this beauty :smile:. I saw it listed on FP and was impressed by its New condition—excellent score. And your outremer First is a stunner as well,
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  12. Thanks @Iamminda :smile: I felt like it was a tad overpriced on FP but the condition was indeed new. And I know you like towns, too! The color is great, like whiskey.
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  14. Nowhere, not even inside :rolleyes: Can't believe too that I forgot to check this :facepalm: but I did like the print layout with the girls/models (whatever we'll call them) on the front :love:. The calfskin leather is just totally amazing & the size is small like I remember you saying, but I think it suits me nicely....I will do mod shots when I get around to cleaning one of the mirrors in the house :blush:
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  15. oh, pity! but the front print is absolutely lovely!
    and yes, the leather is stellar! enjoy! :drinks:
    will be waiting for the mod shots!! :woot:
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