July/August.....Let's see those new additions!

  1. A new month is here.....let's see your new Bals!

    Mods....please edit my title.
  2. Why,!!! . it's spot on!
  3. The title lacks "see". :smile:
  4. Most recent purchase, Bal Dark Night MRGH Day :heart:


  5. I didn't post this clutch last month but very excited to get this. The pics are from the auction site but will shoot more for the oldies club thread soon.

    Been looking for this since I began collecting in 2010.

    2003 RED CLUTCH


    red clutch front.jpg red clutch back.jpg
  6. ^^^
    Trying to figure out how to get rid of the second set of images. Sorry.
  7. WOW, Maxx, this is outstanding!! That leather looks seriously unreal!
  8. Jaw. Drop.

    What a find! Congrats! I love this red -- I actually have a small picture collection of this gorgeous predecessor of 2005 Rouge Theatre. :hbeat:
  9. Ahhhh this is so beautiful! I was wondering if it was you that got this. I saw the auction after it ended and saved the pics on my computer. :p
  10. :faint::faint::faint:

    You're still finding treasures! Wow, a brother to your black one and my blue jean. These are very rare indeed. Great find maxxout and I can't wait to see more pictures.

  11. Oh, maxxout, it was you who got it! Congratulations! At least it went to a fellow TPFer ;)
  12. How did I miss this?!?! GREAT find Maxxout!!
  13. How fun to come here this morning and see 5 red notifications! I have been so absent that I even forgot how to do multi quotes....duh. Thank you all so much for the warm congrats.

    Hi AJ.....the leather is thick and smushy and squishy and all those great things that come with our Balenciagas but it is not very soft yet as it has all of its original glaze. I don't think it will ever be as soft as the 04's but it's thicker.

    Yes...exactly. It is closer to RT than other reds. I have RT and 04 red so I will do a comparison shot at some point. But definitely you can tell that RT was going for the 03 red....03 is darker.

    Yes...I have been watching out for a red oldie clutch for a long time and even though I thought I was finished collecting ....I mean after I did my collection thread I was seeing how nuts I was....this came up and I couldn't resist.

    This was the only clutch I was ever looking for but am very ...VERY happy to have the black one too. And your bluejean ph is killer!

    Yeah...it was me. I felt bad for the person that I outbid cause they went all the way to 1,200 which is really what the top price should have been....but I wanted it and decided I wouldn't let its being a clutch instead of a City make it less valuable so I bid a price as if it was an extremely rare, mint City. Luckily the other high bidder didn't do that and bid like a normal sane person.

  14. It was way last month. I just went and checked my inventory list and it was April 26 that I purchased it. So I am seriously in the wrong month thread.
    It was on eBay for the full run.... something like 6 days... and people were bidding from the start and it stayed around 600 or so for most of the time. I always bid late...like the last seconds because I have nothing better to do with my time than to watch something for a week like some deranged but stealth cat and finally pounce on it......and get that adrenalin rush. I won't even use auction sniper. That just seems unfair....or at least not much fun.
  15. Was wondering who got this?!?! .. congrats!!