1. Hope it's ok to start a new thread for July/August purchases. :smile:

    Here's my purchase - MbMJ Colorblocked Billfold Wallet in Shock Red Multi.

    Love it so far! It is soooo roomy and there is a lot of leather in this wallet! Color is good for summer season Also like the fact that it's a snap button closure cuz things can get stuck easily with a zipper closure. Best of all it match my Werdie camera bag in the same color! Yay!!!

    Got a great deal on SSENSE too! Currently on sale for $118. http://www.ssense.com/women/product/marc_by_marc_jacobs/billfold_werdie_wallet/50957
    image-3272001094.jpg image-3644015585.jpg image-874917199.jpg
  2. Yay! :smile: I won't take a pic right now but my purchase for July is a black Natasha.
  3. Very cute, MiuMiu!! The leather looks really soft!
  4. MBMJ Classic Q Ukita with goldhardware in Chianti!
  5. Here's what I got from NYC!

  6. This is my Nordie presale loot. I picked up a XL single in black and the matching wallet. I was actually looking at one of their baroque singles in pewter. I was this close to buying it but held off. I checked it out again during the nordie presale and I was glad I held off on it, I didn't seem to like it as much the second time around. I snapped this one up online thinking it most likely go back but surprisingly I like it a lot more than I anticipated I would.

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    My first MJ, convertible zip shoulder bag for SGD$965 from my local boutique, or about US$763 at today's exchange rate

    Is this from spring/summer 2011?

  8. Nice bag! There should be a tag inside (in most of mine, it is in the inside pocket) that tells you the season/year. For example RE10 would be Resort 2010.
  9. Love those boots! What are they called? :smile:
  10. Thanks! I found the tag, it says SS11 so should be Spring Summer 2011
  11. [​IMG]


  12. Wow! What a great haul!! Are those coated/waxed jeans? Also that Dior polish looks super pretty!
  13. Very cute! Congrats!! I love the turquoise zippy heart it is so sweet and a lovely color!
  14. They are uggs and the model name is fabrizia. They remind me of a pair of frye boots I've always wanted but could never get because they were too narrow for my feet. I had a pair of leather ugg boots from a year or two ago and theyve held up fabulously.

    Yes they ware coated jeans.
  15. How is the quality of the MJ wallet compared to the regular zip clutch? same? The XL Single is ok too?

    I am thinking on the those boots too, was hoping better frye's would be on sale but nothing liked... I have a pair of short brown Uggs no buckles that are really cute I got end of season last year. I really need to try those Uggs on, some fit so funny.