July 2019 Vuitton Treasures!

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  1. Pochette Trunk Verticale in Black Epi - can’t fit much, just a Zippy Coin, my car key and maybe a lipstick or a phone. But I rarely put my phone in my purse esp when carrying a tiny bag like this. I love it but it’s pretty limiting on what it holds. Looks really nice on!

    4EA8E87D-C381-4E69-97BE-979DB43052E3.jpeg 88A22821-961C-44F7-859C-C301E4D5F170.jpeg
  2. My alma bb in de got delivered today!

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  3. Love it, congrats.

    Beautiful bag, congrats.
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  4. So stunning. That Mahina leather, swoon, and now they are doing the Babylone with the braided handle like your PM. Congrats.
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  5. Thank you :smile:
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  6. Totally off topic - but you have an eye catching new profile pic. Nice to see Ludwig on tpf. :biggrin:
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  7. I'm a big fan of his.
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  8. I sold my PM in mono, & after a few days really regretted it. So I contacted my purse boo Will & in ONE day after I asked if he could locate this bag for me, I’m a proud owner of it in reverse. My first reverse piece!!! I have bag peace, & I’m forcing myself into ban island:biggrin:

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  9. Congrats!

    And even if you are uncertain about bag peace, I actually feel my own PMs (in mono and reverse) are what pushed me to bag peace and a happy stay on ban island :shocked: It's just such a great bag and every time I compare other potential bags to them I feel somewhat lackluster about spending money on something else (and the small collection I have of LV and contemporary suits my needs already). Of course I can't carry the PM all the time as I sometimes still need a bigger bag (plus, want to use something different), but every time I come back to a PM it just feels right. I just spent a few days traveling with my PM in mono, and it was so great for the airport/flights, for sightseeing, etc and reminded me all over again how great it is.:hbeat:
  10. I saw that one with the braided handle, I want it!!!!!! lol may just exchange haha
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  11. I totally understand. I was looking my for next bag & realized the PM checked all my boxes. What was I thinking? Glad it’s back in my collection. So glad to hear you’re enjoying your beauties!
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  12. They certainly would make a cute couple. ..... not enabling at all. Lol. :giggle:
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  13. Hi y'all!
    Look what the pretty UPS man brought me :yahoo:
    Well, technically I ordered the bag in May, but I just got her a couple minutes ago.
    Now I'm done with the Khaki Giant stuff *lol*
    Here are a few family pics of my Khaki goodies.
    Wish everyone a happy Friday and a great weekend!
  14. Cutest family ever!
  15. pretty ups man lol
    Congrats :smile: nice giant family