July 2019 Vuitton Treasures!

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  1. Slightly OT :heart: WISHING EVERYONE A VERY HAPPY 4TH OF JULY! :heart: GOD BLESS YOU ALL! :heart:
    giphy (4).gif
  2. D947B30B-CE7B-4579-968D-B4FBD1D0092D.jpeg 1562B735-5CA6-4595-A00A-7C56717D9F6F.jpeg 165ED5FF-3F9D-4FCD-A8C3-9331D921B40C.jpeg I think I have purse peace, I finally got my unicorn purses, I present to you....the Babylone Chain BB in Galet & the Pochette Metis Noir empreinte with the braided handle!!! You guys, I am swoooooning over my new bags :nuts:
  3. LOVE your choices. The Babylone bb in galet is my absolute favorite bag.
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  5. Oh, what a beauty! Congratulations! Can you please share more pics? Maybe the inside and a modshot?
  6. Babylon is absolutely gorge! Just saw at the store.
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  7. That pochette Metis in noir with the black braided handle is to die for! It’s stunning and gorgeous. Very unique!!
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  8. Picked up my online order of a business card holder in epi noir to coordinate with my Alma BB. So sleek and compact! I also image.jpg heat stamped the clochette with my letter initial.
  9. Beautiful pieces! Congrats and enjoy them!!
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  10. Congrats on these beauties! Babylone BB is one of my favorite bags !!
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  11. Thanks!! I will try to get some pics after the holiday - the LV website has a good pic of the interior - it's very roomy for a smaller bag - has a big phone pocket on the front interior & large slip pocket on back interior.
  12. Keepall 45 from FP. A little wonky from packaging, but otherwise in excellent shape.

  13. Great purchases! Congrats! How are you finding the mini boite chapeau? Are you able to fit much?
  14. Thanks! It does not fit much at all. In fact, I wouldn’t even call it a purse. It holds keys, a very tiny wallet (like the size of credit cards), lipsticks and other little stuff. It will not hold any type of phone. It’s pretty much a big wallet. :lol:
  15. Thank you..thats what I thought just a big wallet.
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