July 2016 Collection

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  1. #1 Jul 6, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2016
    Finally the new collection is online, I absolutely adore the nautical theme and the colours! I think it's probably my favourite collection since a few months ago I've already created a mini wishlist, anyone else?
  2. I love all the travel/map/globe themed items! The tote is really cute :heart:
  3. So cute, especially the details on all the novelty clutches and coin purses!
  4. Some really cute items! The little ship and other coin purses are too cute.
  5. I have my eye on that one, the details on it are adorable!
  6. The ship clutch and globe jewelry is adorbs!
  7. Im definately getting the globe necklace, it's too cute to pass up!
  8. Loving the new collection - I might get something next month when I am in NYC.
  9. Anyone purchased the silk scarf? I want to see how practical it is
  10. All the globe and ship stuff are so cute!
  11. I have the ship clutch and the long globe necklace. Both are lovely! Very well-crafted and even prettier in person compared to online. I got the globe necklace for my friend as well, and she loves it.

    If interested, I'd highly recommend this collection, especially since it will likely start to go on sale in the next month or so.
  12. If the globe stuff goes on sale I'll definitely buy somethjng
  13. Love to see pix!
  14. I've tried several times, and I can't get my pics to upload, unfortunately. :sad: But take my word that it looks beautiful!

    The globe stuff is still full price, but the ship clutch went on sale (down from $398 to $279).
  15. The globe stuff is now on sale - the long necklace is down from $98 to $69. There's also an additional %25 percent off sale happening now (in store only).