***JULY 2010 Mommies thread!!!*** Come on in!!

  1. Does anyone have any inklings to what they think they might be having?
  2. I had a dream where I had a daughter, so I'm hoping that's a little sign. ;) I've been leaning toward girl lately anyway.

    We're not finding out what we're having, so it will be a long wait!
  3. Hi all I'm due 7-29-09 what can I do for this crazy marning sickness I'm having all day and all night long . Not even wate is staying down . I've been hospitalized 2x in one week for iv fluids and I teach and have to go back to work tomm what can I do . I was hve zofran but still that didn't work I'm even taking vitamin b -6 50 mg and it won't subside . This is making me so sososad I can't take it anymore any suggestions please?
  4. People say that usually that have the opposite of what you dream! I think you're probably having a boy!!! :biggrin:
  5. No inklings, just lots of hope for a boy! DH has his fingers crossed. He's the last male member of his family who can carry on their name. I think he's feeling some pressure. I'll be thrilled with anything 10 fingered and healthy =)
  6. I am praying for a girl so I can have a boy and girl and not have any more kids! Everyone tells me it's a girl but I feel like it's a boy. I feel like it would be too good to be true if I actually had a girl!!!
  7. lol! My doctor said it was probably a boy because it was being stubborn when she was using the doppler on me. My mom thinks it's a boy, too (but she also thought I'd have twins) and my aunt swears I'm having a girl.

    All I know is... I'm having a baby. :p
  8. My gosh that's terrible, I'm so sorry! I don't have any good suggestions for you, since my nausea hasn't been as bad as that (definitely not to the point of needing meds or being hospitalized). Crackers and dry cereal helped me (I'd eat crackers while I was still in bed in the morning). I couldn't stomach water for awhile either, but had an easier time with apple juice and Powerade/Gatorade. Salty foods also helped with my nausea.

    Good luck and I hope it eases up for you soon! My 10th week was when I noticed that my nausea was more tolerable.
  9. ^ I agree with wordbox salty foods and ginger ale helps me! I am so sorry you are going through this. It will get better though. I am now in my 11th week and I finally feel like the nausea is fading away slowly.
  10. ^^ same here, also. Today is the first of my 11th week, and FINALLY I'm feeling better. I have some energy back and my meals are staying down!
  11. I need advice!! I haven't told anyone at my job that I am pregnant because I am waiting for a promotion and I am afraid that I won't get it even though that's against the law. Plus I am waiting for the first trimester to be over before I tell everyone. But I feel like I have a little baby bump already and it annoys me that I have to try disguise it all the time. I think people think i am getting fat. Should I just tell everyone? Or should I wait?
  12. When will you find out about the promotion?
  13. I have no idea!! It's supposed to be this month though. :sad:
  14. If you can wait, I would. Some might consider it "dishonest," but I think it's total crap that companies can use your pregnancy against you yet just pretend that's not why they don't hire you, don't give you a promotion, etc. You know that happens every day. As long as you plan on keeping your job after the baby and can fulfill all the new obligations then you're not doing anything wrong.

    I will say, though, that it will look bad on your end if you announce your pregnancy the day after the promotion is announced. Plan that carefully, but it shouldn't be too big of a deal since many women wait until they are into their second trimester to break the news to anyone (due to the many problems that can occur during the first).
  15. ^ that is true! That could make me look really bad! I hate to be in this situation with my job. I am def. staying in the company unless something really bad happens or something.