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  1. I've noticed a few things that I am more sensitive to, but it's definitely not everything. My dog's breath smells totally different to me now. I thought maybe something was wrong with her, but my husband said it smells normal to him. One day last week he set the timer on the coffee pot the night before, so when we woke up we'd have our coffee already made (we used to do this most nights, but lately I haven't had an appetite for coffee), and when we woke up in the morning I asked him if he set it. I'd never smelled it before from upstairs, but I could instantly tell when I woke up that there was coffee made.
  2. For some reason I can smell my dog a lot more too. Actually on Friday I got really close to him and smelled him and he smelled different/weird and i threw up like 3x!! I was like OMG this is crazy!
  3. I have my first "real" prenatal appointment today! I had an initial appointment but it was pretty quick (confirmed pregnancy, checked vitals, made sure I didn't have any questions, etc) and I had an ultrasound last week but that was scheduled at a different medical center. Today will be the more thorough exam, family history, etc. Not really looking forward to it, haha.
  4. Good luck word box!!! How exciting you get to see your baby today!! :smile: I wish I had an u/s machine at home! LOL I actually already had my first real prenatal visit at 8 weeks and the initial was at 6 weeks. My next appt is at 12 weeks.
  5. ^ Thank you! Unfortunately I won't be seeing the baby again today. Today is just the pelvic exam, pap smear, blood tests, family history, etc. But I did see the baby a week ago!
  6. Oh I see! My ob/gyn has one of those rolling portable u/s machines and she has used it everytime with me. I'm sure you will hear the heart beat though! :smile: They usually do that at every appt after they are able to hear it the first time.

    My hubby and I recently had sex and while we were doing it I started bleeding like bright red blood. I was soooo scared. We got to the emergency room within like 10 min. It was scary. ER did an u/s and said baby is well and heart beat is good. They don't know where the blood is coming from. The red blood stopped right away and then it was just a little brown blood. My ob said no sex or heavy lifting and to just take it easy. Should I be worried? Has anyone experienced this?
  8. ^^^
    Oh! That must have been so scary for you:sad: Make sure to take it easy. Easier said then done, especially when you have another little one to run after.
  9. Yikes Elizabeth! Take care of yourself. Just rest and call your doctor if you notice anything different.
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    I got back a little while ago from my appointment. It was mostly routine stuff, and I found out we'll be keeping the original due date rather than moving it forward due to the ultrasound (our doc said with only two days difference we'll keep the old date).

    I found out that they found a fibroid/growth in my uterus when they did the ultrasound last week, though. I have to go in again next week for another ultrasound (they don't do ultrasounds right at my doctor's office). I don't know if it's scar tissue from when I had surgery (I had a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy several years ago, when I was diagnosed for endometriosis) or if it's something different, but they want to check it out more thoroughly. I'm a little nervous about it but my doctor was pretty calm about it so I guess we'll wait and see. At least I'll get another look at the baby!

    We also didn't hear the heartbeat today on the doppler, but my doctor warned me that we might not be able to and said she could hear it moving around so that was a good sign. I'm not too worried about that, though, since our ultrasound was so clear and the heartbeat was strong last week.
  11. Hi girls!

    I'm currently preggo with my 2nd child, I'm due July 18! I'm a lil over 11 weeks, this pregnancy hasn't been bad at all. I've just been very exhausted, sleepy and I hate the smell of almost everything. I've thrown up far less than last time.

    I have a 8 month old baby girl rite now, by the time #2 is born she'll be 14 months. I'm trying to wean my baby girl off breastmilk, it's so tough! Hopefully, we'll succeed soon.

    Only hubby and my immediate family knows we're pregnant. We're gonna wait until 1st trimester is over to tell everyone else. :smile:
  12. Pinkdot - I just saw that you were pregnant on the expectant dates and I commented there but I think its great!! Congrats!!
  13. I heard of people knowing the sex by 12 weeks. Is this true? I have my NT u/s scheduled in the second week in January. I wonder if they can provide the sex. I really don't want to know until I give birth but my husband is anxious to know.
  14. ^I think it's much too early for that.
  15. That would be neat to find out the sex that early, but I don't think that they can really tell until the 18th week. Hard to be so patient!