July 18th - cannage, gauchos and more...

  1. This morning on Bluefly there are 3 pages of Dior offerings for Dior. There are two cannage bags, a couple Gaucho totes, a black leather saddles, lots of wallets, sunnies (newer models), and a few other last season Dior bags.

    If you missed the sales, or are somewhere there is no Dior this could be a webpage worth visiting. :smile:
  2. ^ wowsa! thanks for the info loganz!

    for the UK dior addicts, the sale at harrods is still on and last i was there, lots of st. germain, a large black detective bag (the one with the extra bottom compartment), and a L.E. looking white saddle (with metal charms on it. very cute). tonnes of accessories and RTW clothes at 50% off too - including lines from the s/s 07 RTW (like the structured skirts with chain mail on the edges and sleeveless tops with the chain mail running through it. plenty of them in a size 38)

    (p/s for the chloe fans, there's still a gazillion chloe bags on sale at harrods)
  3. Thanks for the tip, it's up to five pages now. They have the woven lady dior tote.... if only I had money:cry:
  4. ^ if it helps to ease the pain a little fashion_guru, the woven lady dior range looks better in pictures than in real life. at least that's how i felt when i saw them in the boutiques and felt a little underwhelmed (especially since i was madly in love with it from looking at the pictures)