July 07 issue of Harper's Bazaar - Feature on Hermes

  1. Has anyone got their July issue in the mail yet? Got mine today. There is a feature on Hermes (pages 74-77). Some interesting little facts in there. :yes: For ex. The Kelly was originally called Haut a Courroie. It also has a list of all the bags Hermes makes as well as some really great pics of some of the bags.
  2. Thanks for the heads up... I can hardly wait to get my issue...
  3. Scan and show pics please. :yes:
  4. OOOHHHH! I don't subscribe, but I will certainly pick up a copy!!!!

    Sounds divine!
  5. I got mine today and was thrilled to find that spread on Hermes, great to know where the Lindy got its name--from the Lindy hop--very appropriate since it is the Year of the Dance! I have a feeling that Glenda Bailey, the editor of HB, is a huge fan of Hermes--she had won Audrey Hepburn's croc Kelly at auction a few years ago; almost every issue has something or someone talking about Hermes I've found. My scanner and software haven't been hooked up, but I'll see if I can't take pix here in a bit.
  6. Thank you, orchids. You're really kind to share as always. Great to know where the Lindy name came from:yahoo:!

    Increasingly, we are getting more coverage on Hermes here in SG but the same old stuff gets repeated. These magazine writers seriously need to do their own research than just sponge off the US/UK magazines. Hardly any effort of the local magazines here. Which is such a shame.
  7. Sorry, not all of the text can be read, but this was the best I could do considering the pages are glossy and kept reflecting light and killing the flash rendered the text even less readable; maybe someone else will have better luck with scanning. Anyhow, aside from the Lindy fact, nothing else was new that hasn't already been discussed on the forum in terms of H-history of the Kelly and Birkin. They did have a interesting mention of how "Jane Lauder (of Estee Lauder) gave her sister a Birkin customized with holsters for baby bottles" and talked briefly about bespoke service--having your own fabric used to make a bag.

    CIMG3783.jpg CIMG3784.jpg CIMG3782.jpg
  8. WOWEE WOW WOW!!!!! i love that kelly bag in blue!!!! thanks, orchids! and thanks, e!
  9. I am going to hunt that mag down ... HB - US July editiion right? Thanks ladies for the heads up! :yes:
  10. :nuts: I can't wait to pick up my copy!!!

    BTW, didn't somebody on here say that Lindy was named after Charles Lindbergh? I am happy to hear that it's not the case (as it made absolutely no sense to me!:wacko:).
  11. The Lindy Hop is a jazz-era dance if I recall correctly. There's probably a Lindbergh connection somewhere in there, because he was flying about that time?
  12. Yup, I think it was mentioned previously that it had been named after Charles Lindbergh. That's not entirely untrue as some think that the Lindy Hop (lvjrt you are correct--around the 1920s I think?) was named after him (his trip across the Atlantic and his nickname, "Lucky Lindy" ) even though the dance was popular well before his famous trip.
  13. Here we go:

    from: http://www.lindycircle.com/history/lindy_hop/

    "In 1927, Charles Lindbergh was daring the first ever solo flight from New York to Paris, and people were absorbed with his "Hop" across the Atlantic. A great dancer by the name of George "Shorty" Snowden was at the end of a long marathon when a reporter watching asked what this crazy dance was called. The quick witted answer was that it was the "Lindy Hop" and the name stuck."
  14. Thanks for posting the article, Orchids :flowers:
  15. Ooooh...I wonder if perhaps the Lindy is what this couple on the new scarf is doing (photo: Cal)?