Juliette is finally here!

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  1. So UPS was supposed to deliver this today, but I wasn't home when they came... I even left work early. I don't know if all UPS packages from Coach require signature, but this one did. So I called and they said I could come pick it up at 7pm when the driver got back. I showed up at 7 in the pouring rain, had to wait about half an hour, but finally got my package!

    Also, I ordered the bulldog keyfob at the exact same time as the purse, but they came in two separate boxes. They went through the same exact path together, so I wonder why they didn't just put them in one box?..... oh well. Here she is. More pics to come.
  2. Some back, side, bottom shots.
    phpx6gBo8PM.jpg phpnMI4CbPM.jpg phpRu0io6PM.jpg phpblMstMPM.jpg
  3. That is one Gorgeous bag, Enjoy.
  4. oops, here they are right side up.
    phpnMI4CbPM.jpg phpRu0io6PM.jpg
  5. She looks very nice! Congrats!
  6. So beautiful!
  7. The lining is a nice red. Not bright red, but kind of a Christmas red? if that makes sense.
    php7Q3YOtPM.jpg phpDXXwdePM.jpg
  8. Is this the mahogany? It's beautiful!!!! The criss cross leather looks amazing on this bag!
  9. Nice bag~~didnt show the key fob?
  10. And here are some pictures for the folks that are a little more picky.

    I noticed that the embossed sections are not perfect. The first picture is of one of the front panels. They embossing did not done completely. There are a couple little places where several "scales" look like one because they did not get separated. It's hard to see in the pic, but make sure you look at it in person if you are picky and are considering this bag.

    Also, the second and third pictures are of the side. The larger scales appear to have been over done. The leather is a little rough looking in between the scales.

    These things do not bother me personally since I know leather isn't perfect, but I know some of you would like to be aware if you're considering this bag. She's a keeper for me!
    phpXi9a2wPM.jpg php8v5dJ6PM.jpg phpQOTDDbPM.jpg
  11. And some mod shots. Please excuse my choice of clothing, and my background lol. I have the absolute worst lighting for taking pictures, so anything better will have to wait until daytime.
    php5VcwQsPM.jpg phpLl5p7tPM.jpg phpmHImztPM.jpg phpK6fGzpPM.jpg
  12. And a comparison pic. I don't have any Sophia's, so I tried to pick something with a similar shape. Closest I could come was my Caroline.

    So overall she is a beautiful bag. I love the way it looks, love the shape, and love the colors. The leather is not as soft as I expected though. It's actually a little stiff. I don't know if they are all going to be like that, but maybe it will soften some over time. She definitely will keep her shape on her own. If I took out the paper she came with, she would look exactly the same in the pictures. And I also think that using the longer strap over the shoulder or crossbody does not look silly like the DD pics we have seen. Of course I could be wrong lol! I'm sure you guys will let me know if it does indeed look silly. I'll have to try and take some better mod shots with better lighting.
    php5kG9ZbPM.jpg phpZf2ymEPM.jpg
  13. Here's the fob. To match my Boston :smile:

    And that's all the pictures for now. Going to move my stuff into her now.
  14. Gorgeous bag...she looks great on you! Love that adorable fob too! Congrats!
  15. How do I get this fob??? Do I order from straight from jax? I have two bostons! Didn't realize they made these